Hope Stainless Brake Line Kit: Customer Review

Here in this review, our customer Michael is going all out on his bike, installing a set of Hope Tech Stainless braided brake lines on his Hope brakes. These braided lines do not stretch as much as traditional brake lines and give your brakes a nice crisp feel. And Michael thinks they look sweet! Some would say that's equally as important! Check it out.

Hope Stainless Brake Line Kit Review


Are you someone who cares more about your bike than your car? Are you the discerning mountain biker who salivates over the color matched details of your ride? Look no further. Our fantastic machinist friends from the UK, Hope Tech, have produced some flashy looking stainless braided brake cables to give your ride that extra dope factor you have been searching for. For those of use who love that "moto" look on our MTB, Hope and their fantastic CNC'd parts are at the top of the list. These brake cables take that over the edge and really look fantastic. We all know how sick Hope brakes look with their braided cables, but what about the performance?

In the automotive world braided cables are a real thing. The length and pressure of the fluid within the brake system means that rubber cables get some serious stretch to them when under braking leading to a whole big pile of push at the pedal or lever. Enter: braided cables. Stiff and tough as nails they really help the auto world cope with all that stress and provide a powerful crisp braking feel. But what about on an MTB? Given the length of our brake lines, and the amount of power within the system, I have some serious doubts to the performance benefit above standard brake cables. But did that stop me? Absolutely not! I'm a firm follower of the "if it looks fast, it is fast" camp of thinking, and so these cables were a no-brainer. My bike looks fast as all getout leaning against that tree in my Instagram post. And to be honest, that's all I need.

Hope Stainless Brake Line Kit Review

Installation and Final Thoughts

Finally, there are some rumors round the interwebs about the difficulty of installing the brake lines. While bleeding Hope brakes can be a toss up somewhere between gleeful bliss and table flipping, the installation of the hoses themselves was easy as pie. Take a trip over to Hope's website and watch some walk through videos. Once you follow the instructions for one cable, its an easy home mechanic job for the others.

Final Verdict: Looks sick, easy install, well worth the cash if you love that "moto" look.

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April 06, 2018

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