Hope Pro 4 Hubs: Rider Review

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Hope Tech is a relatively small brand out of the UK that produces insanely beautiful components and parts. Their Pro 4 hubs are a great option if you are looking for something that is affordable and very well made. In this review, our customer Lee builds up a custom set of wheels with some black Hope Pro 4 hubs. Check it out!

Hope Pro 4 Hubs Rider Review


The Hope Pro 4 boost hubs have been my go-to for a reliable wheel build for a few years. This is the third set I have built up in the last year. One was for myself, the second was for my buddy, and this current is for my brother. Obviously, my brother kept hearing my buddy and I raving about how great these hubs are so he had to try a set for himself. Not only is the fit and finish on the Hope Pro4 hubs top-notch, but the value on these is incredible. The cost is about 20 to 30 percent less than other high-end options. You have an array of anodized colors to choose from. The engagement is spot on at 44 points of engagement which equals 8.4 degrees. They are lightweight as well, around 181 grams for the front and 311 grams for the rear.

Hope Pro 4 Hubs Rider Review

First Impressions

On this build, my brother wanted the Hope Pro 4 boost hubs laced to Stans Flow MK3 27.5 rims, Sapim Race double-butted black spokes, and black brass nipples for durability. This wheelset will be replacing his OEM wheels on the Santa Cruz Nomad 4. We were aiming to make it lighter and stronger than the OEM set. On our scale, the Hope build saved almost a pound compared to the old set which had the low-end Novatec hubs and WTB ST i29 rims.

He felt the difference immediately after the first ride. The lower rolling weight made for easier acceleration and a snappier ride. The engagement on the Hopes is better than the Novatecs so technical climbing was made easier. Plus, lighter rolling mass makes for a less fatiguing ride. We did a 19-mile ride in rough and rocky terrain and he was able to keep up. His normal rides are around 10 to 12 miles for reference. Our riding environment is rocky technical, loose over hard southwest desert riding. Dust and dirt are the enemies here so the seals have to do their job or the bearing get crunchy. My buddy and I have been on ours for a little over a year and the hubs are still smooth and spin freely.

Hope Pro 4 hubs rider review

The Sound

Now the sound of the Hope Pro 4 hub is loud, no doubt about that. I actually like it. I normally ride with a bell to alert hikers and other riders on the trails that I'm around the corner. With the Hopes, they hear the buzzing of the rear hub and don't get spooked because we aren't sneaking upon them. If you want to quiet them down, just put more freehub oil in the hub. It's a short term solution but when they start getting loud again, apply some Dumonde Tech freehub oil.

Final Thoughts

The Hope Pro4 hubs offer a great bang for your buck. Durable, light weight, an array of anodized colors, and good engagement are just a few of the attributes of this value pack hubset. If you want a high performance hub without the high price. the Hope Pro4 hubs can't be beat.

BTW, this was a present for my brother. I ordered everything up from my go to shop, World Wide Cyclery and built the wheels up. Wheel building is one of my favorite hobbies. I find it to be quite relaxing.

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March 23, 2020

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