FOX Transfer Performance Elite Dropper Seatpost: Rider Review

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Dropper posts are the most essential upgrade to modern bikes. Having one that works well is just as important and no one does it better than Fox Shox with their notorious Transfer Dropper Seatpost. Dropper's used to be a nightmare but Fox raised the bar with their transfer post and set a great example for other companies to follow. Our buddy Jeff recently made the upgrade. Let's see what he thought:

Jeff's Review

Been in the process lately of transforming one of my XC bikes back into a trail bike. Recently started looking at dropper seat post brands and types. A few I’ve done checking on have been Rockshox, Thompson, Raceface, Fox, and a few others. I really wanted to go carbon (because I’m a weight-weenie), but that didn’t exist! After reading several reviews, talking with other riders, I chose Fox. I really focused on the Fox Transfer Elite because I wanted the black “stealth” look. I chose Fox because I use other Fox suspension components and really love their stuff. Nothing from Fox is cheap, but their warranty and product typically do speak for itself.

Fox Shox Transfer Dropper Seatpost

My new Fox Transfer Performance Dropper post arrived from Worldwide Cyclery packaged in a standard type Fox box, with hardware already installed. My Fox Transfer Dropper is 31.6mm internal with 170mm (7”) of travel. Instructions inside the box were pretty vague but there is always YouTube. Hell, it’s a Dropper... can’t be too hard to install? .... After about 30 minutes, Dropper was all installed.

Installing and setting up the Fox Transfer wasn’t too difficult, basically run the housing through the predetermined holes set up on my frame, hook the cable to the dropper attachment at the bottom of the post, slip the cable through, and hook it up to my dropper remote. I used a different manufacturer for my dropper remote, but it’s a very similar setup as what Fox’ remote had. Tightened everything up to specs, applied lever, pushed down the saddle, applied lever again, and let her rip! Works perfectly!

Bit of background before I go too much further. I’ve been running a rigid carbon seatpost, yes I am a weight weenie! (may have already mentioned this) on the bike, so going to Dropper on this bike is very new to me. I had been riding my son’s bike thru our typical trail system for the last month or so using the Dropper on many of the “oh poop” spots and really started getting comfortable with it.

Fox Shox Transfer Dropper Seatpost

After a little time riding with my Fox Transfer Elite I fricken love it! Love the feeling of knowing I can slam that 170mm dropper down to get the saddle out of my way while I’m riding. Took a bit to get comfortable with the saddle being slapped up against my boys, but doesn’t take long to remember how to protect them. And knowing I can drop the saddle 170mm in them rough moments really does give me an extra layer of confidence.


"The Fox Transfer Elite is as smooth as my son’s factory with Kashima finish, but in my opinion, has a beautiful “stealth” look. I’ve found absolutely no delay in either compressing or extraction of the dropper, and it’s right where you want (up or down) immediately." - Jeff

Pros: Fox, looks, warranty, piece of mind

Cons: None

Fox Transfer Dropper Post Review

August 31, 2020

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