Fox Transfer Factory Series Dropper Post: Customer Review

What does everyone expect from their dropper post more than anything? Reliability? Some may say performance. Well, the Fox Transfer post has both! Check out this review featuring our customer Daniel Benfield. He has ridden a few Rockshox Reverb dropper posts in the past and has now made the switch to the Fox Transfer post.

Fox Transfer dropper post customer review


I’ve been riding the Fox Transfer Factory for a little over a month now with about 100 miles on it. The dropper was incredibly easy to install and I hooked it up to a Wolf Tooth Remote. Buying the Wolf Tooth with MatchMaker and mating it to my Sram Guide brakes made for a really clean looking installation. My initial impression with the Transfer was I couldn’t believe how smooth it was and quick to react.

I’ve been riding Rockshox Reverb dropper posts for years now and one of them came with the bike I purchased a few months ago. The Reverb had to be returned for a warranty replacement within the first week. When I got a brand new dropper from the factory I saw the opportunity to sell it and try something new! Riding here in Idaho, we have wild temperature swings and high altitude. The Reverb posts I’ve ridden in the past have always gotten slower and slower to react the higher the altitude and the colder the temperatures, often times ending in the post not even functioning at all.

Performance and Final Thoughts

I’ve ridden on the Transfer in freezing temperatures and a single climb over 3,000 feet in altitude gain and the Transfer functioned the exact same throughout the entire ride. What I love most about the Fox Transfer is it gives me the confidence that it’s simply going to work every time. The post hits the top of its stroke with a satisfying thud letting you know it’s at the high point; however, the small amount of pressure needed to depress the seat ensures you’re not going to hit something you don’t want to!

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July 03, 2018

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