Fox Transfer Factory Dropper Post [Rider Review]

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Some people feel that a dropper post couldn't possibly be that different from another. In the real world this is not the case. There are a few things to consider when shopping around. Our friend Eric gives us his perspective on the Fox Transfer Factory Dropper Seat Post. Check it out!

FOX Transfer Factory Dropper Seat Post Rider Review


I like to thank Worldwide Cyclery for their great customer service, especially during this difficult time of finding bike parts. They had this seat post in stock and shipped it immediately. They then followed up with emails. I have a 2020 medium frame Yeti SB150 that came with the 2020 Fox performance-version Transfer dropper seat post in 150mm travel length. I wanted to increase the length of travel and was considering the other main reputable brands like BikeYoke and One Up. But I was leaning toward Fox since I have been happy with the Performance version that came with the bike.

I was intrigued by Fox’s 2021 updates to their Transfer Factory dropper seat posts. They modified the internals and seat clamp to provide a slight decrease in the insertion depth. According to Fox, they reduced the overall length and insertion depth of 175mm by 30mm compared to the 2020 Transfer. With this in mind, I was able to upgrade my 2020 150mm travel Fox Transfer dropper post to this 2021 with 175mm travel with only about an overall 1/2” increase in insertion depth, and I get another 25mm of drop! With the rear shock removed and the whole suspension completely compressed well beyond the shock’s stroke, there is no clearance issue with the seat or seat post at full drop—a perfect fit!

Overall the upgrade is great and worth it. I am able to fit a 175mm travel dropper seat post in a medium frame that came with a 150mm dropper.

FOX Transfer Factory Dropper Seat Post Rider Review

Factory vs. Performance

The only difference between the Fox Factory and the Performance version is the seat post stanchion. The Factory has a nice Kashima gold finish and the Performance is black. The Kashima coating is slightly smoother but costs an extra $50. I’m also betting that it will remain slicker longer than the black, regular coated stanchion. The Kashima gold now matches my bike’s fork and shock.

Cable vs. Hydraulic actuated lever

I was actually skeptical of cable-actuated levers because I have used Reverbs for years and thought hydraulic fluid was better. Similar thinking like hydraulic versus cable brake lines. I currently have the stealth Reverb on my other bike and after using both, cable is good, if not better. I noticed the Fox dropper posts are smoother, move faster and so far, require less maintenance. My Reverb always requires the lower service on a regular basis and confirms the air pressure is at 250 psi. You also can’t or shouldn’t lift the bike with the Reverb in the dropped position to avoid getting air past the IFP, resulting in that spongy feeling. I haven’t noticed this issue with the Fox but haven’t tried it due to the conditioning learned from using the Reverb. Cable is also easier to set up and does not require periodic bleeding of the hydraulic line. So I converted, and I plan to change to old Reverb with the now-removed 150mm Fox Performance dropper.

FOX Transfer Factory Dropper Seat Post Rider Review

Initial Batch of 2021 Issue Fixed

I read initial problems with the first batch of 2021 Fox Transfer seat posts. The front part of the top metal plate that holds the saddle can crack; this is at the area where the front bolt holds the plate. Fox warranted this and corrected the upper bracket with more beefy material. I confirmed the 2021 I received has the updated version and it has been solid.

FOX Transfer Factory Dropper Seat Post Rider Review cta

May 12, 2021

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