Fox Shox Transfer Dropper Post: Rider Review

The Fox Transfer dropper post was a hit right out of the gate. No surprise coming from a brand with a history like Fox. Our customer Peter had enough with his old dropper and finally made the switch to Fox. Check out his thoughts!

Fox Shox Transfer Post Rider Review


I bought the Fox Transfer Kashima 31.6mm 150mm internal routing post to replace my old dual-action X-fusion Hilo post that had been the bane of my existence for some time. I quickly installed it on my 2017 Norco Range. I hated the bat style lever on the Hilo, the seat was slow and when triggered by the lever would go up only 80% of the way. You had to hit it twice to get it to the top. In theory that might be nice, but what you realize is that you end up thumbing the lever 10 times not realizing if it is all the way up and it distracts your concentration. I almost crashed numerous times because I was concentrating on the dang post. Good riddance.

Fox Shox Transfer Post Rider Review

Why Fox?

After searching for all sorts of dropper seatposts, I decided to splurge on the FOX Transfer because of the good reviews and reliability from FOX. So far it is a great post and has an audible click when it hits the top that I love and I now know it is in position. Love that. Also, it holds its spot wherever you need it. The Hilo always would lift up when you pulled on it to lift it during transport. Not the Fox Transfer. Smooth action and much quicker than the Hilo post. I bought the Wolftooth lever to accompany the post. I don't know why at this price point FOX does not include a good lever with the post. The competition does. (I really debated getting the Crankbrothers post) I do love the Wolftooth lever together with the Transfer, the system feels bulletproof. So after my pocketbook recovers, I am sure I will be happy and be crashing much less. Not having to worry about the dropper post is worth it, plus it looks so darn good on my bike (bonus).

Final Thoughts

I must say the shipping and tracking of this product and with Worldwide Cyclery, in general, is easy and hassle-free. When the delivery date says a specific date, it will be delivered on that day. This makes it easier to plan for an install the second you get your parts because if you're like me you don't wait on new bike parts to go on. Great company to buy from and good support and return policy.

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May 27, 2019

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