Fox Shox Factory DHX2 Rear Shock: Rider Review

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The debate continues between air vs coil shocks. Which is better? Ultimately, you should identify all the pros and cons of each one and find out which one will work best for your riding style and terrain. Our friend, Dylan did his homework and determined that a Fox coil shock was what he needed to take his riding to the next level. Check out his review below!


Initially, I was skeptical about the performance enhancement of a coil shock over an air shock, coming from having used only air shocks. The initial price stung a bit but I have been pleasantly surprised and now have no qualms about what I spent. I have about 100 hours on my current set up which is a 375lbs coil(go with the orange coil-it looks awesome and its lighter) paired with a 2020 Fox Factory DHX2 with a climb switch. 

Installation and Performance

Installation of the shock was very easy and an aspiring home mechanic with a simple toolset can handle it. I did not experience any issues with fitment or any other issues when I installed my shock on my trusty steed. The one major difference between the air shock I was replacing and the DHX2 was the weight difference. The DHX2 is quite a hefty bit of kit but I can attest that the extra weight is well worth the gains in performance and adjustability. I noticed that the feel of the DHX2 is very supple and sensitive and does not have the harshness sometimes felt by air shock users. The DHX2 has increased my grip and confidence when railing berms or cruising over uneven surfaces. It stays composed and once dialed to your specific settings the shock comes alive.

Fox DHX2 Rider Reviw Shock

Riding on the East Coast, we have some harsh terrain with jagged rocks, slippery roots and the occasional 4-5 foot drop. The DHX2 has handled it all with ease.  I really think the extra adjustability has pushed my riding to the next level, as I ride with more confidence and charge ahead knowing my set up will be able to take what I throw at it. After multiple park days, the DHX2 has held up with no weird noises, creaks, or rattles. I don’t do a lot of climbing, but when I do I am happy I went with the climbing switch. The switch takes a lot of the pedal bob that one would get with a shock like this out, it’s a nice option to have just in case you want to go up a hill instead of down. My home bike park has some very brutal rock gardens and very steep descents with random tall drops and off-camber switchbacks. Not even once have I had a second thought about the reliability of the DHX2 when I am crushing a gnarly rock garden or dropping 5 plus feet. The jump line at my park is great, and the DHX2 really shows composure when I am sending the tabletops.

Final Thoughts

With proper care and normal maintenance, this unit will continue to perform and last a very long time. It is a solidly made unit that will stand the test of bike park abuse. I consider myself a hard charger and I really tend to ride my equipment hard, I have had no problems with the DHX2. I know when I get my next ride it will be spec'd with a DHX2 or I will put on one immediately after purchase. Please remember to wash your bike after a long day of riding, your bike will thank you!

Not sure how coil differs from air? Make sure to check out our full review of the DHX2 to get the complete download and find out if this upgrade will work for you!

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January 05, 2020

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