Fox Introduces 175mm Transfer Dropper Post (Because Length Does Matter!) [Video]


The Fox Transfer Dropper Post shocked the market by doing one thing. They made a dropper post that actually worked! It worked so well that it didn’t break. In a world full of mediocre dropper posts, riders were often left worrying not IF the dropper was going to break, but WHEN. When Fox released the Transfer Dropper Post, people were anxious to try it out. We were too as almost no dropper was reliable at the time. Over the course of a couple months, it was clear that the Transfer would be the first Dropper Seatpost not to disappoint the masses. The only complaint was the lack of a longer size. Finally, Fox has blessed us with a 175mm version of the award-winning Transfer post!

Fox Transfer 175mm Dropper Product Overview

Original Offerings

The Transfer Post was offered in both 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters right off the bat to fit most common bikes in the industry but the travel range was only offered in a 100mm, 125mm and 150mm selection. Good for most riders but as trends began to evolve, bikes would get lower and lower. The whole point of a dropper post was to have the saddle out of the way and for newer bikes, some riders just couldn’t get the post low enough for comfort. Not to mention taller riders were having a harder time justifying whether or not they needed a dropper if they had to run it so high to even work.

Fox Transfer 175mm Dropper Product Overview

Giving the People What They Want

Giving the riding community more sizing options will only increase how many people use the product. Although Fox is late to the show by offering something taller than 150mm, with patience comes great things and now any rider, tall or small, will have the option to run what very well might be the best dropper post released to date. Strong statement but the proof is in the product. The 175mm Fox Transfer post has quite a legacy to live up to but we have high hopes for it!

Fox Transfer 175mm Dropper Product Overview

The Benefits

The Fox Transfer Dropper Post will not only make riders more confident in their bike and riding abilities, but it would also really class up your bike! Having an option to choose a dropper that can fit virtually any bike is a luxury and most riders may not realize that. Being able to choose a dropper with Kashima stanchion or black stanchions to match your fork and rear is was next level. Not to mention each size and level of Transfer post is available in both external and internal riding. So whether you have a brand new 2019 Yeti SB130 with internal routing ports or a 2006 Giant Trance, Fox most likely produces a dropper post that you can run.

Fox Transfer 175mm Dropper Product Overview

Dropper Lever Not Included 

Fox had also given riders more options by not including a dropper remote in the box with the seat post. Some people were angry at this but if you take a step back and look, Fox lets you choose between their own 1x or 2x/3x remote to accommodate whether or not you have a front derailleur or not. Not to mention there are a plethora of remote options on the market like the Wolf Tooth Remotes or PNW Loam Levers.

Fox Transfer 175mm Dropper Seatpost

Fox Transfer 175mm Dropper Seatpost

Final Thoughts

If you are not sure about which Dropper Post will fit on your bike then make sure to check out our video and blog on how to choose the correct size dropper post or shoot over a phone call or email! Our Customer Service Team are true warlocks in the world of mountain biking that should be able to help you find just what you need!

Fox Introduces 175mm Transfer Dropper Post

January 15, 2019

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