FOX FLOAT X2 Factory Rear Shock [Rider Review]

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If you're the type of person that loves to dial in every single setting on your shock, the Fox Float X2 rear shock is something to take a look at. The Float X2 is one of the most adjustable air shocks on the market. Our friend, Matt, has been running the X2. See what they think! 

FOX FLOAT X2 Factory Rear Shock


Here are my initial thoughts and review on the Fox Float X2 230x65 shock. I went with the Fox Float X2 because it was going to allow for me to get an extended travel version to pair with new rear links for my 2023 Specialized Turbo Levo. With this in mind, I was able to achieve an additional 15mm of rear travel and I was now sitting at 165mm in the rear as opposed to the original 150mm stock set up. As a side note, I bumped up the front suspension to 170mm to make the bike a complete all trail E-monster. Initially tuning the X2 was a breeze. The factory recommends setting the sag at 25-30% and adjusting to the rider weight.

As far as performance goes, the Fox Float X2 has allowed me to climb better on ascents and keep the rear wheel comfortably planted on the descents. There truly is no more bottoming out and the Fox Float X2 simply delivers results. In my opinion, Fox nailed it with this shock because of how smooth the trails feel, when I’m ripping through rock gardens or bombing down steep descents, the shock simply handles what I throw at it. In addition, I love the ability to lock out the shock and adjust the low and high-speed compression with my multi-tool for a premier trail riding experience. Locking out the shock enables the bike to rip up the trails even faster. The shock allows for the rear end to remain planted and it feels more grippy. Furthermore, as mentioned, there is no more bottoming out when I hit a jump and the X2 delivers plush results. In my opinion, this is the way the e-bike should be produced from the factory with additional rear travel.

FOX FLOAT X2 Factory Rear Shock

When descending on various downhill sections at Desert Vista Trail in North Phoenix, the bike stays planted and taking corners is a breeze. In this set-up, you literally feel like you are shooting out of a canon because I believe the X2 assists this much with bike’s ability to stay grounded and get as much grip as possible. Open mode for the rear really provides an overall great experience of pure engineering awesomeness. And who doesn’t love to bomb down the trail? Descending has never been more enjoyable because the X2 clearly eats up anything I throw at it. The additional 15mm of travel I gained with the extended version is clearly worth it.

Final Thoughts

After riding with the X2 for several months now, I am very pleased with my purchase and I can’t recommend the set-up enough for this type of build. I love the Fox Factory line and I am pleased that I riding on some of the best industry products. Not to mention, the genuine Kashima coating makes the bike pop! The X2 has transformed the Turbo Levo and made into a trail crushing monster whether climbing or descending, there really is no comparison in my opinion. Worldwide Cyclery was super helpful with the ordering and assistance since it was a special order. Worldwide Cyclery has been my go to shop for building up this E-Monster and I am looking forward to additional components down the line!

 FOX FLOAT X2 Factory Rear Shock

February 01, 2023

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