Fox Float DPX2 Factory Rear Shock [Rider Review]

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One of the more notable upgrades that can change the bike's handling is the suspension. Our friend, Angelo, upgraded their shock to a DPX2. See what they think about the benefits the shock added to their bike! 



Recently I decided to upgrade my bike to a better rear shock since I felt it was a part that needed as I progressed in riding skill and I felt like that was one of the weak points of the bike. After researching online through various forums and watching countless videos I decided on the fox float DPX2 because of the price and all the features it had it seemed like the best bang for your buck. And wow what a difference this shock has made.

After just my first ride I noticed an improvement right away.

The bike feels amazing and just rolls over small bumps compared to my previous shock I can barely feel them.

This made me feel more confident on the technical rocky and rooty terrain where I usually struggled and it help ease my fatigue after long rides. The adjustments that can be made on the shock are great so you can fine-tune the shock to your specific weight and riding type. If you ride like the average Joe and don’t like messing with the settings then I found the fox suggested setting to be pretty spot on to how I wanted it. But I didn’t feel like adjustment was very hard and it is explained well in the manual so I felt confident in adjusting the settings a bit to suit my needs and riding style better.


Another thing I noticed was I felt like I was more attached to the ground compared to my old shock which made me feel more secure and in turn let me ride how I wanted. Climbs were easier for me as I felt like my pedaling was more efficient than with my previous shock. And another thing the shock did soak up the bigger drops and jumps, I didn’t feel that harsh bottoming out like before and so it was easier on my body mostly my back. The shock did really well on both big and small things.

My favorite part about it is the 3 position switch where you can have open, medium, and firm modes. This is so quick and easy to use when you are out on the trail just takes seconds, I use the open mode to soak up all the rocky flat terrain and then switch it to closed to help me pedal on steep terrain. And medium I usually use on stuff where I know get a little more gnarly but not quite big jumps or drops.

The look is another plus of the DPX2. If you are like most people and like your bike looking nice this shock makes it stand out from others and I have gotten many compliments on it in the short time I have had it installed. I personally have the Kashima coating DPX2 but both shocks look great once installed and are not the bulkiest so you cant still fit a bottle cage on your frame.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think The fox DPX2 was a great upgrade to my bike and I do not regret it one bit. If I could choose only one thing to upgrade on my bike it would be the rear shock with a DPX2.


January 17, 2023

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