Fox 36 RC2 170mm 29er Fork: Customer Review

In this review, our Canadian customer Dave Condon is one of the lucky few to get his hands on a shiny orange Fox 36 RC2 sporting 170mm of travel for a 29er.  He decided to go with the Fox 36 over a Rockshox Lyrik and we don't think he will be disappointed. Read more below.

Fox 36 Shiny Orange Fork Customer Review


I decided on the Fox fork based on the fact my buddy had a Rockshox Lyrik (not the new red one) and it felt good, but not downhill good. He has it on his Evil The Wreckoning as well. It did not feel super stiff to me and at 6 foot 215 lbs, I want something stiff. All of the information I had read about the Fox 36 made me think that it was the right fork for me. 

I haven't had a Fox fork (bomb proof TALAS) since my old Santa Cruz Blur LT2. I'm not going to lie, the orange was a selling point in deciding on the fork. Being in Canada, I checked my local store but the price was much too high for me. I had seen the Worldwide Cyclery videos on YouTube and decided to check out the website which impressed me. Additionally, Worldwide offered a 20% off coupon so I thought I was stupid not to get the fork. I shipped it to my buddies parents house so shipping was free too. 

Unfortunately, the fork is still sitting in its box waiting for its ride to come in. I ordered the new Pole 158 in the fall and it was to arrive next week. However, they just mailed me to say it has been pushed back a month. This was very disappointing because I really want to ride and I am in need of a park bike. I still have my Tallboy 3 for trail riding, if the snow ever goes away. My buddies and I have pulled it out of the box to stare at it while having a beer and imagine how sweet it will look on the blue Pole.

Fox 36 RC2 Fork Customer Review

Final Thoughts

I was so impressed with the service and deal I received, that I purchased the matching Fox dropper post from the guys at Worldwide Cyclery. Once I get my frame and everything built I will for sure sent you a picture even though I am not a social media kind of guy.

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June 07, 2018

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