FOX 36 Factory Suspension Fork [Rider Review]

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The Fox 36 has been the benchmark for suspension performance for modern trail and enduro bikes for years now, and with the 2021 model they managed to improve upon perfection. Michael recently treated himself to one for his Trek Fuel and has been riding on cloud nine ever since. Read on for more!

Fox 36 Rider Review

Michael's Review

Fox 36 let me count the ways that I love thee. One, two, three, ONE MILLION!!! Yes, this is the go-to fork for the person who wants to slay some killer trails and look good doing it. I installed this bad boy on my new 2021 Trek Fuel EX 5. Why? Because why not? Who would not want to make their workhorse into a warhorse! Yeah I could have saved money and bought a higher-end Trek Fuel EX that comes with a higher-end suspension fork. But the base Fuel EX model comes in this beautiful marigold orange. Do you know what else is orange? The Fox logo! So let get into the first part of this review, the looks!

This fork comes in two flavors. Bright orange or shiny black. I went for the gloss black because I feel like the orange can only be pulled off on certain bikes. Mine was not one of them. The next thing to notice is the Kashima coated stanchion tubes. How epic and drool-worthy are they. That coating is so beautiful it makes me want to vomit, stare at them for an hour and then vomit again. *chef's kiss* Unfortunately the only thing I did not like is the decal but only because the color of the fork decals did not match the color of the bike frame. It is a small and petty thing but if I can, I am going to fix that. And I did. As soon as I installed the fork I eagerly jumped onto my computer to design new decals. Then I dusted off the wife’s Cameo Silhouette cutter and proceeded to cut some vinyl. At first, I did a Hawaiian print but that was too busy then I found some light orange online but that came out too yellow. I just ordered a new set of vinyl that should be just right. *second chef's kiss* This is a fork that Michelangelo would dedicate a painting to. Now this fork is not just about sexy good looks, it also performs like nothing else in its class.

Fox 36 Rider Review

There are no words I can use to describe how it felt to ride this beast on its maiden voyage. Well, maybe a few like amazing, beautiful, heavenly, plush, exciting, fun, fast, and well I guess there are a bunch of words to describe the feel of this fork. The Fox 36 is the perfect fork for flow and simple jumps.

It sucks up all the bumps and roots in the ground and it feels like you are floating on a cloud.

Setting up this fork was stupid easy with the FIT4 damper. I thought about going with the new Grip2 but all the adjustments on that thing made my head spin. I am the set it and forget it type so FIT4 is a win in my book. I really was at a loss for words on my first ride with this fork. The best way to describe the feeling I had is with a *third chef's kiss*

Final Thoughts

Overall this fork is so amazing I bought a Fox 32 Step cast for my XC bike. “Spoiler Alert” The 32 is just as amazing. Yes, this fork is expensive, and yes I lied to my wife about how much it cost but I would be damned if this is not the best fork ever. If you are looking for a fork with bling and with 150mm travel stop right now and buy this. Do it. Stop looking and buy this fork. You won’t regret it.

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June 14, 2021

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