Fox 36 Factory Series Shiny Orange Fork: Customer Review

Do you want a Fox factory series shiny orange fork to get your bike looking like the pros? This Yeti SB5.5 one of a kind build is fitted with a Fox 36 160mm 29" fork with a Shiny Orange finish. Check out this quick review and then get one for yourself!

Fox 36 Shiny Orange Fork Customer Review


Getting my hands on this limited edition racing fork was a challenge and Worldwide Cyclery was able to deliver.

I was in the process of building a totally custom Yeti SB 5.5 with my local bike shop and they could not get one. They were even skeptical when I told them that I found a place that could get one and so I was skeptical as well. I thought maybe I would get an email saying the item was out of stock or something but that never happened. It was in stock and arrived that was step one.

Fox 36 Shiny Orange Fork Customer Review

Installation and Performance

Step two was getting the Fox 36 fork on my bike and when that was done, it was a straight up head turner. This bike has done nothing but get compliments and the fork is the center of attention. While the looks are one thing, the performance is another and it certainly holds up its weight there. At 160mm of travel, it is more than enough to handle anything I throw at it in the downhill park and handle the local trails equally as well.

Fox 36 Factory Orange Fork Customer Review

Final Thoughts

All in all Worldwide came through for me and helped contribute to a one of a kind bike build that I do not think can nor will be matched. Did I mention the bike was also the VItalMTB Bike of the day!

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April 09, 2018

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