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Foam tire inserts have become more popular over the last year, with new systems introduced from Cush Core, Huck Norris, and Flat Tire Defender. After all this time we are still trying to figure out how to keep air in a bicycle tire. All tires and rims certainly have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of stability, impact resistance, durability, and strength. The Flat Tire Defender tire insert is designed to get the most performance out of your tires touching the ground

What Does The Flat Tire Defender Do?

The biggest advantage to running the FTD system is square edge impact protection. The airless foam inserts help absorb the shock and vibration of rough terrain, which minimizes tire and rim damage, and gives your bike a more forgiving feel. Using a high-density foam rubber polymer that is both resilient and light weight, the full kit keeps your sled feeling nimble and reliable while offering an extra layer of protection.

Flat Tire Defender - Worldwide Cyclery


  • The Flat Tire Defender foam insert is available in four different configurations
    • 27.5" Downhill / 290 grams per insert / $140.50
    • 27.5" Enduro  / 290 grams per insert / $134.50
    • 29" Enduro / 320 grams per insert / $144.50
    • 29" Downhill / 320 grams per insert / $150.50

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  • The FTD foam insert has a unique design that utilizes an oval shape. This shape prevents the insert from getting pinched between the tire and the rim on impact. It also allows the insert to slide inside the tire without compromising its shape.
  • Each of the tire inserts are suited for a 2.3" - 2.5" tire width and a 24 - 34mm internal rim width.
  • Recommended tire pressure with the inserts is 26 - 32psi.
  • Each kit includes 2 foam inserts and 2 valve stems
  • The specialty FTD valve stems are necessary when using the foam inserts. Each valve stem allows air flow to pass around the sides of the insert to fill the tire.

Flat Tire Defender - Worldwide Cyclery

Flat Tire Defender - Worldwide Cyclery

Aaron Gwin's Mechanic - Installation Video

October 05, 2017

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