Fasthouse MTB Gear (Cycling Apparel For The Good Times)

When we think of Fasthouse, we don’t normally think of mountain bikes. We think Fasthouse = moto and moto = Fasthouse but over the past 2 years we have seen a minor change in the brand that flourished into a widespread love for speed, style and good times under the name of Fasthouse within the mountain bike world we live in. Whether it be mountain bike gear for downhill riders, enduro racers, or even cross country riders, the brand has sparked a new level of stoke for us and we couldn’t be happier with the way things have turned out.

Fasthouse MTB apparel

Having been dealers for Fasthouse MTB gear for a couple months now, we have seen the brand quickly take off for us. From personal use, I can confirm that it does increase your drinking capabilities, overall trail speed, and gives your whips that extra little extension you need to look cool at the bike park. Mountain bike gear doesn’t have to be so corporate looking.

Fasthouse MTB Jerseys

Fasthouse MTB Jersey

Fast House MTB gear is designed around some of the world’s fastest and stylish athletes in mind. The Dropper MTB Jersey features an athletic fit with a vented mesh panel under the arm and ribs to make sure you aren’t over heating and can tweak your tables that extra little bit.

Fasthouse MTB Apparel

The Fastline Slash SS Jersey from Fast House is also built around the same slim, athletic structure as the Dropper Jersey and also features the same vented paneling, keeping your pits cool and your BO down. Just like it should be.

Fasthouse MTB Shorts

Fasthouse MTB apparel

With 4 pockets, you bet you can carry enough beers on your ride. The Fasthouse Crossline MTB Short has a regular fit with a Coolmax® cool/dry technology, anti-UV, wicking finish. What does that mean you might ask? We don’t know but it sounds provacative. Another reason you should consider Fasthouse when it's time for some new MTB shorts.

Fasthouse MTB Helmets

Fasthouse MTB apparel

Safety is a big part of our sport and it makes sense for Fasthouse to work with a solid brand like Bell Helmets on a collaboration that actually makes wearing a helmet look cool. The full face might make drinking a beer difficult but hey, that’s why they make beer bongs, right? They also worked together on a Bell Sixer Helmet in case you really just want to shotgun a beer instead.

Mountain biking gear shown simple, just the way it should be. At the end of the day we are all just having a good time on a bike. You can look fast without looking like a billboard. Just wear the word fast across your chest and everyone will believe you.

Fasthouse MTB Apparel

June 20, 2019

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