Fabric Scoop Race Flat Saddle: Rider Review

Finding the right saddle is one of the most personal decisions you can make on your bike. Every rider has a different shape so it is crucial to find a saddle that is comfortable and supportive. Our customer Michael picked up a Fabric Scoop saddle and has been pumped on it. Check out his review!

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Recently purchased the Fabric Scoop Race “Flat” saddle, I have spent a month and 150 miles on it and here are my thoughts so far: Really like the look of the saddle, aesthetically the thing looks awesome. It is low profile, minimal branding and just has a fast look to it. The saddle is also fairly lightweight and minimal. If you want to be Scrooge McDuck you could break out some more shackles and go a model up to save some grams also. The saddle is, and most importantly comfortable. I am 6’ 2” 200 pounds and have a shapely rear end but not thicker than a snicker for reference.

Fabric Scoop Saddle Rider Review

First Impressions

The Scoop replaced the stock WTB saddle on my Hightower LT, which I felt was too padded and kept grabbing my trousers. While the Scoop is far less padded it is more comfortable and has caused no areas of discomfort. The saddle has a smooth/non-tacky material which has not grabbed my shorts like the old WTB saddle. I have spent a lot of time on an Anvl Stealth saddle and would say that the Scoop and the Stealth are fairly similar. I prefer the Scoops smooth material to the Stealths more grippy finish.

Final Thoughts

Anyhow, this is a great option in a world of saddles. The Scoop Flat looks awesome and provides a great platform for all-day pedals and stays out of the way when your post is dropped and you are moving around the bike. I would recommend it and will run it on my rig for the foreseeable future.

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July 07, 2019

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