EVOC Hip Pack Pro: Rider Review

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Hydration is an important part of mountain biking and cycling in general. There are so many preferred ways to carry your liquids, snacks, tools and what have you. In this review, our friend Brian reviews his recent purchase of the EVOC Hip Pack Pro. Check it out below!


So, I have had this pack for about a month of riding now. This is my first hip pack, as I am used to using backpack style carriers (currently using USWE airborne 3). The reason I decided to try a hip pack is the east coast summers in MD can be downright brutal with heat indexes reaching over 105 deg on a regular day. My current USWE is great as far as capacity (2Liters fluid), storage, and comfort. But it tends to make me overheat during the summertime. So a buddy had the original Evoc Hip pack and convinced me to try it.

EVOC Hip Pack Pro Rider Review pack


Here are a few thoughts. As far as comfort, it took me a few rides to figure out how tight the belt strap should be and how high I should wear it around my hips. You have to find the sweet spot where it is not so tight, but will not slip down during standing climbing or in the attack position. I have a flat rear area (need to do more squats) so it doesn't naturally sit as high as I would like it too. Initially, I kept wearing it a bit too tight, as it would cause some discomfort. Once I realized the sweet spot things got a ton better. I had to get used to the feeling of it being lower down compared to my USWE. The storage is great as I can get 1.5L, and it also has 2 outer spots for water bottles, which I will bring for longer days. The adjustable belt with the velco strap and buckle is very handy as during the ride i tend to drop some water weight with all the sweating, so eventually have to tighten it down just a tad.

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Final Thoughts 

Will I go back to the USWE in the cooler months?.....maybe, as it is also super comfortable. As far as stars, I will give it a 4 out of 5. Only because on my recent ride I had dropped the pack on the ground, as mother nature was calling, and unfortunately I dropped it on a yellow jacket nest (sorry for the blurry picture, there few a few hundred yellow jackets swarming it for about half an hour). Needless to say, a buddy retrieved it eventually away from the nest. In all seriousness, it is probably a 5 out of 5 stars. ;-)

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September 03, 2019

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