Evil The Following V3: It Just Got So Much Better!

Evil really shook up the 29er game when they released the Following some years ago. So much so that they even earned the title of “Mountain Bike of the Decade” on Forbes back in 2018. A bold statement but also fitting. The Following made the 29er we were used to into a more enjoyable bike to ride. Not to mention the geo held through many years of change proving it may have been before it’s time. Fast forward to today, Evil finally updates the Following to work with modern trends giving riders the steep seatube, longer reach, and slack headtube we have all been waiting for.

Evil The Following V3

What’s New?

Overall, the Following V3 frame looks completely different. The frame design is sleeker, smoother, and rids Evil of the big and burly look we have come accustomed to for years. Next is the move to internal routing for all cables. All of Evil's previous bikes featured internal seatpost routing but shifting and brake lines we left outside the frame. The Geometry is the big update for the Following. Featuring a 77-degree seattube for better-pedaling performance and a 67.9-degree head tube angle with a solid reach on each size, this thing is ready to have any type of rider shred it. On top of the big changes, we see very small updates that show Evil’s attention to detail with their new frame. A sound-canceling chainstay molding keeps the bike quiet on rough trains and a revised adjustable/removable chain guide keeps your focus on the trail, rather than the noises coming from your bike.

Evil The Following V3 Features

Evil’s Take on The Following:

“This was the bike that made people realize 29ers don’t suck. The bike that inhales trails, hunts for mischief, rewards deviously rowdy behavior. It took naysayers and made slaysayers. It slashed and burned a category only thought fit for naptime. It redefined short-is-big, support-is-necessary, progression-is-key, pop-is-king. The Following started an entire genre of bikes. And while the Following is as far from everybody else’s bike as it could be—it’s currently bucking the nebulous-reach trend while scrubbing the long gap at the same time—it’s still the bike that wastes nothing in any challenge. Uphill, then egregiously descending through every opportunity while decimating every pump and undulation the trail has to give—and then some. Slash-XC, shred-country, hard both ways, TAll Mountain—call it what you want, the Following will follow no bike. Which is why the Evil Following will always be the King of Pop” – Evil Bicycles

Specs / Geo:

 Evil The Following V3

Evil The Following V3 Build Kits

Evil The Following V3 Build kits

Evil The Following V3

March 13, 2020

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