ESI Chunky Foam Grips: Customer Review

In this review, our customer Matthew Frenzen takes us through his new ESI Chunky Foam grips. For those riders who prefer standard rubber lock on grips, it might be worth looking into the ESI foam grips. Matthew says they provide a good balance of comfort and control. Check it out!

ESI Chunky foam grips customer review


It seems that many new riders seem to think of grips as a one size fits all thing or disregard them as an unimportant, they are all the same type, a piece of equipment. Being one of the three primary contact points with you and your bike, this couldn't be more wrong. Choosing a grip that is comfortable, secure, and tacky is extremely important. There are only two grips that I use on my bikes, ESI Chunky being the primary one.

The ESI grips hit all the marks for me. They are the perfect size for my hands and have a combination of compliance for comfort and enough support to provide control of the bike. I have them on my Steel hardtail that sees 40+ mile rides in everything from XC to dirt jumping, my 100mm travel XC rig, as well as my 150mm enduro set up. I ride them in mud, rain, sand, and dust and they have not let me down as far as their comfort and grip.

ESI Chunky Foam grips customer review


The grips are extremely secure, as well. This can also read as being a pain to put on. A tip for making install (and removal) simple, though, is zip ties. Insert four zip ties into the grip and fill the grip with alcohol. Slide the grip and zip ties over the bars. The zip ties in place allow the grip to be inserted without difficulty and allow you to change position until it is at your ideal. Once in place, just remove the zip ties and you have a grip that will not twist, turn, or move a bit until you are ready for it too.

ESI Chunky foam grips customer review

Performance and Final Thoughts

As compared to traditional rubber grips, these provide a lot more fatigue relief, at least for me. Small trail chatter is absorbed a bit, making the ride more enjoyable. I'll continue to purchase ESI grips as long as they are made. Thanks Worldwide Cyclery for the excellent customer service and support!

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June 30, 2018

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