Ergon SMD2 Comp Saddle: Rider Review

Finding the right saddle is a highly personal topic. Different sizes and materials all make for varying levels of comfort which is why it is important to try before you buy. In this review, our customer Andrea was forced to buy a trainer and was in need of a new saddle for it. Luckily the Ergon SMD2 Comp did the trick. Check out the review for more!

Ergon SMD2 Comp Saddle Rider Review

Ever go for a ride and, after a long climb, find yourself having no sensation to your private bits? Most times it’s not a big deal, as mountain bikers we stand a lot and get off the saddle enough times to never feel the full effect of compressing your perineal area. It was never a thing for me either until I got onto a trainer.

Why the Change?

Long story short…my schedule was a mess and I couldn’t ride my bike as much as I wanted, so I bought a trainer. Riding on a trainer forces you to stay seated and I found myself being numb and uncomfortable most of the time. I adjusted the seat angle up and down, front and back but nothing helped.

Ergon SMD2 Comp Saddle Rider Review
So, I ditched the WTB saddle and bought the Ergon SMD2 Comp Saddle. The choice was purely based on the fact that I like Ergon grips and the saddle comes in red, so I went for it!

The Pros

  1. The saddle is much more comfortable and, although it doesn’t completely solve the numb sensation after a long ride, it reduces it by a good 80%. Most of the time, just standing up for a few seconds is all it takes to restore flow and keep going.
  2. It is much lighter than the previous saddle I owned, which might be important if you are into making your bike lighter!
  3. The tip of the saddle has a much larger surface, which spreads the pressure over a larger portion of the perineal area, hence reduced discomfort.

Ergon SMD2 Comp Saddle Rider Review

The Cons

  1. The red finish rubs off easily.
  2. It’s a little stiff, although I haven’t owned it for very long so this may change as I break it in a little more.

Final Thoughts

I love the Ergon saddle, it’s a bit pricey to have the paint come off so easily but I am happy to have sensation restored to my private parts!

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November 07, 2018

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