Ergon SM Sport Gel Saddle: Rider Review

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A lot of us spend a lot of time in the saddle so choosing a comfortable butt cushion is essential to an enjoyable ride. Ergon has been leading the Saddle market with their SM saddles for both men and women and the proof that these things work is there. Just ask anyone that has ridden one. That is why we asked Jessica to review her experience on the Ergon SM Sport Gel Saddle. Let's see what she thought:

Jessica's Review

ERGON SM Gel Saddle Review

I waited until I could 100% say I LOVE THIS SADDLE. I have ridden at least 200 miles on this saddle, including long, grueling climbs, and most recently a 50-mile cross country race (ON MY HARDTAIL BIKE). Seriously, my buns were not sore at all after this race, and not really during either. I went through 2 seats just this season before buying this one, because I was very unhappy with the 2 previous ones, and knew I would be even more unhappy spending 6 hours on those seats for this race. So needless to say I am more than pleased with this purchase.

I typically spend more of my time doing approaches to long downhills. So typically several hours are spent in the seat on the way up, and not much on the way down. I have moved this seat between my long-travel trail bike (6" in the rear), as well as my hardtail bike. I am very happy to sit on this saddle on both bikes. I do think saddle preference is quite personal, however, I do recommend trying this one if you have had a difficult time finding the right fit.

Ergon SM Sport Gel Saddle review


"I think the price point is amazing for this bike, as I have spent much more money for a good seat, and there is still a painful break-in period, which I did not have with the Ergon. It was immediately comfortable. I also recommend getting a women's specific seat as our "sit bones" are typically wider than men's, and we also have different pressure points. I recommend visiting the Ergon website to determine your saddle size- they have a tool to determine if you are unsure between the 2 sizes they offer. It also seems like a quality seat, that is well built. I anticipate at least another season on it. I will definitely buy this seat again." - Jessica

ERGON SM Gel Saddle Review

January 24, 2020

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