Ergon SM Pro Saddle [Rider Review]

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We all hate saddle sores. These days, some saddles can be extremely uncomfortable. However, Ergon is all about making sure you enjoy riding your bike pain free. Our friend, Jacob, has been running the Ergon SM Pro. See what they think!

Ergon SM Pro Saddle


I know like most components it comes down to a personal preference, but this is the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever used and I’ve tried many from all brands, shapes, and sizes. Had you told me that I would one day purchase a saddle that cost over $100 I would have called you crazy. I would have rode on a brick before I did that but here we are and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent on a mountain bike accessory/component even better than a new fork, tires, grips, pedals, or anything else.

I’ve always had trouble with finding a saddle that checks the boxes of performance-oriented and comfortable. Most saddles ended up giving the sensation of a numb or sore backside and this one has never caused that problem. It has an incredible fit with its Y shape that’s not too wide or too narrow but just the right amount for reference I got the large and am 6’3 and 188lbs with a larger rear end.

This saddle is very sleek, lightweight, and performance-driven but is more comfortable than a memory foam mattress at the Ritz Carlton (not that I would know).

The orthocell inlays really due allow even pressure distribution. Riding singletrack you are always up and down and this saddle always has the same feeling every time you return to a seated position and allows for perfect power distribution. I used to have a problem with the saddle sides always rubbing my thighs and this hasn’t happened once with the SM Pro due to the side flanks. The relief channel does help quite a bit in a very sensitive area and is also wonderful for a little extra airflow too. It has a way of taking the rough and the chatter out of a trail and even on big impacts, it remains extremely comfortable and balanced.

I’m no weight weenie but at 235 grams this thing is feather light. The synthetic cover sheds moisture as well as most dirt and if it does get a little dirty it’s a cinch to wipe off and easily comes clean with a little water and the wipe of a rag. I’ve put many many miles of rowdy root-filled singletrack, some pretty epic jumps, as well as miles and miles of a greenway on the way to the trailhead and it’s like riding on a cloud. I’m a believer and this will be going on all my bikes from here on out. It looks really good on the bike as well it’s quite sleek and has that luxury look.

Final Thoughts

It’s a well-known fact how important the contact points are on a bike and if your gonna spend a little extra on something for your bike why wouldn’t you spend it on something you gonna be sitting on every single ride for an extended amount of time? This thing has a long list of pros such as an amazing level of comfort, performance-oriented layout, lightweight, even contact throughout the saddle, very sleek looking, and good sit bone width. The only con is the price but at the end of the day, it’s well worth it considering you pay $50 for an uncomfortable saddle.

 Ergon SM Pro Saddle

October 28, 2022

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