Ergon SM Enduro Saddle: Employee Review

Words by Chance Seely

The Ergon SM Enduro saddle launched earlier this year and immediately gained popularity. How can you not love the way it looks? The oil slick design really pops and matches perfectly with AXS (if you are lucky enough to be running both). A few of the guys at the shop decided to test the new Ergon saddle out and today Chance is here with his thoughts. Read on to learn more!

Ergon SM Enduro Employee Review


The Ergon SM Enduro saddle was designed for one thing, performance. Enduro and gravity riders want to have the freedom to move around on the bike without worrying about getting caught on their saddle. The SM Enduro uses a V shape and flat top to provide as much room on the bike as possible while not compromising on control. The sides of the saddle are also padded so that you can grip and maneuver the bike with your legs and not have to worry about being uncomfortable. Finally, we all know that enduro riders crash often. Well to deal with this, Ergon has added extra padding in the rear to help prevent damage if and when you do crash.

Ergon SM Enduro saddle review

On-Trail Performance

I had been a fan of Ergon products in the past and was excited to test out their new SM Enduro saddle. From a fit and finish standpoint, their products are always top-notch. This saddle is no different, you can tell some serious time and effort went into designing this thing. The material used is definitely durable and has withstood a few crashes already. 

Ergon SM Enduro Employee review

When it comes to comfort, I can confirm that this saddle feels great on long rides. The "traint trench" not only looks cool but actually works. I was a bit skeptical at first but after a few rides, I started to understand why so many other people were fans of the design.

So it looks good, is comfortable on long rides, and can withstand a crash. What's not to love about the Ergon SM Enduro Saddle? Obviously, saddle preference is very personal and dependent on your build. Chances are though, if you have tried and enjoyed an Ergon saddle in the past, you will be a huge fan of this saddle.

Final Thoughts

Not only did I see added comfort from switching to the Ergon SM Enduro, but the look of the saddle is also what really caught my eye! The sleek look and subtleness of graphics made me love it even more. 

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About the Rider - Chance Seely

May 28, 2020

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