Ergon SM Enduro Comp Saddle: Employee Review (The Perfect Enduro Saddle?)

Words by Jared Erickson

When Ergon released their SM Enduro Comp Saddle earlier this year, we immediately fell in love with it. The oil slick rails and sleek design looked amazing and we knew that it would be a major hit with other riders. Jared has been riding Ergon saddles for years now and had the chance to test out the new SM Enduro Comp. Read on to hear his thoughts!

Ergon SM Enduro Comp Saddle


I have been riding the Ergon SM Pro saddle for about the last year. I love it so much that I have proclaimed it as my favorite saddle ever, so when I was given the opportunity to try out the new SM Enduro, I figured I couldn’t go wrong, and I was absolutely right.

 Ergon SM Enduro Comp Saddle

First Impressions

The first few things that I like about the SM Enduro saddle are similar to the things I like about the SM Pro, with a couple additional features and options. With Ergon products, the quality and fit and finish are always top-notch. The saddle cover is made of a durable yet comfortable material and the outer edge of the saddle has an even more durable and padded section in order to prevent damage in the event of a crash.

 Ergon SM Enduro Comp Saddle

I am also a fan of what we like to call the Taint Trench, or the channel in the center of the saddle that is designed for men’s health. Whatever you want to call it, it really does work, and you can notice the lack of groin numbness when you are in the saddle for longer periods of time or after a long ride. I have ridden several times without a chamois with this saddle and have lived to tell the tale. 

How Does it Compare to the SM Pro?

You might be asking yourself, or asking me, what are the differences between the SM and the SM Enduro? I am glad you asked. A couple of main things to note - the Taint Trench is a bit more pronounced, the padding is a bit thicker in some places, and the outer edge with the durable material are all notable features. Another great feature that I love is the option for the oil slick rails on the Enduro Comp, which adds an eye-catching, personal touch to your saddle.

Ergon SM Pro vs Ergon SM Enduro Comp Saddle

Final Thoughts

With all Ergon products, they seem to be the ideal point where form meets function, and the SM Enduro Comp is no exception. Now I just need to get more bikes so I can use more of their saddles.

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About the Rider - Jared Erickson

April 30, 2020

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