Ergon GA3 Grips: Rider Review

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Ergon has been making comfortable contact points for some years now, focusing on high tech ways of getting contact point pressure relieved like hand pain from grips and butt pain from seats. The Ergon GA3 Lock-On Grip offers a small winged profile to help increase the hand and palms contact point on the grip the relive pressure. The Ergon GA3 has been a great seller for us at Worldwide and Eric is on his second pair, let's check out what he thinks about this grip. 

Ergon GA3 Review by Eric:

This is my second pair of Ergon GA3. These grips help spread the weight on your hands across more surface area resulting in less pressure. The GA3 is basically a streamlined version of their bulkier GA1. It's small enough to still allow a normal hand position when riding downhill but has just enough wing to rest your palms when climbing allowing you to relax your fingers. At 115g a pair they are only slightly heavier than a typical lock-on round grip (90-100g). Even though Ergon only uses a single clamp, there has been no trouble with the grips slipping. They stay firmly in place through all types of riding. Have not used them in real wet in conditions so can't comment on that.

Ergon GA3 Grips

Ergon GA3 Grips

The rubber is grippy and with medium firmness. Size on the inside cylindrical section seems normal compared to other grips, while the wing is large enough to notice and make a difference while riding, they are much smaller than the winged comfort grip. I was concerned they might look a little goofy on an enduro bike but as mentioned the winged profile of this GA3 is much smaller than others so they blend in fine as shown. They do get a little chewed up around the end of the bar over time since they don't have an outer clamp, but rather a small plastic cap and the rubber extends out to the edge. That also leads to the full comfort of this grip as the rubber extends out to the edge of the grip without a metal clamp causing some un-comfort. 

 Ergon GA3 Grips

Final Thoughts:

There are no other high performance winged profile grips on the market, and I have really been enjoying the comfort and benefit from the small wing profile. Looks are not an issue, they come in a lot of different colors if you are into that and my hands feel better after a long day on the bike. So if you are looking for a little more support for your hands without compromising performance this grip if for you.

Ergon GA3 Grips

February 05, 2020

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