Employee Spotlight: Chance Seely

If you have called or emailed the shop, there is a good possibility that was answered by Chance, one of our amazing customer service employees. Chance might have some of the best riding to partying ratio at the shop, but it might lean towards parting on the weekends with riding bikes in-between. Whether on the phone or at the bar, Chance is always having a good time.

Employee Spotlight Chance Seely

Job Title: Customer Service

What is your favorite part about working at Worldwide Cyclery: The fun atmosphere but the ability to put your head down and get S**t done!

If you could ride any bike in our Worldwide showroom, it would be: Yeti SB130

Favorite place to ride a bike: So far, Campus trails in Santa Cruz, CA

Favorite non MTB activity: Drinking

What is the craziest thing you've ever done: Too aggressive to mention here : )

Drink of choice: Captain Morgan and Orange Juice

Employee Spotlight Chance Seely

You can usually catch me listening to: Rufus Du Sol

Favorite line from a movie: "What an idiot! Good, more for us!" Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers

Typical weekend activities include: Get off work Friday, drink some cocktails and proceed to blackout. Wake up, maybe ride my bike. MAYBE. And repeat the Blackout part. Wake up Sunday and fall back asleep.

You can eat one meal for the rest of your life, what is it: Sushi or Chipotle.

Pee sitting down or standing up: Laying Down

Boobs or Butts: Pfffffff. I like Both! Can't be picky with these looks.

Name 3 things on your bucket list: SkyDiving, Visiting Barcelona, Riding Whistler Bike Park.

Any words of wisdom, closing thoughts, or favorite sayings: " You're as good as you want to be and better than you oughta be" - My Grandfather

Employee Spotlight Chance Seely

December 05, 2019

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