E*Thirteen TRS+ Dropper Post: Customer Review

What kind of dropper post do you use on your bike? Here in this review, our customer Benjamin has chosen the E*Thirteen TRS+ dropper post for his new build. The TRS+ dropper is easy to maintain, holds a constant level performance, and comes in at a fair price. Check it out!

E*Thirteen TRS+ Dropper Post Review


I have purchased and installed two E*Thirteen Dropper posts, a 125mm x 30.6 on a Lens Fatillac and a 150mm x 31.6 on a Kona Wozo. The Wozo post was a new build, the Fatillac post replaced a troublesome 9.8 post.

I have used a variety of dropper posts including 9.8, Race Face, Easton, E Ten, and Lev. The cartridge posts work fair although some suffer from slow return in the cold. Additionally, as they have aged the Lev and the E Ten have become very loose and suffer from cold weather slippage and leaking at times.

E*Thirteen TRS+ Dropper Post Review

Performance and Final Thoughts

What I like about the E*Thirteen dropper posts is the ease of maintenance, low cost, and consistent function regardless of the temperature. The post can be finicky however and doesn’t like an overly tight seat collar. Also, at times it can be slow to return between the highest position and -1.

The post is practically foolproof, it has four positions, they are well positioned, and no matter what happens with the lever/cable, the seat will not slip because the positions are locked in place. It’s also the only post that can be field repaired.

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March 29, 2018

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