E*Thirteen TRS+ 9-46T Cassette: Customer Review

The E*Thirteen TRS+ 9-46 tooth cassette offers over a 500% range and is compatible with both Shimano and Sram 11 speed systems. In this review, our customer John Mascetta explains why he decided to go with the TRS+ cassette. Read more below.

E*Thirteen TRS+ Cassette Customer Review


The E*Thirteen TRS+ 11-speed 9-46 cassette is a piece of fine art straight out of the box. The cassette is pretty to look at but appears to be strong with a large gear ratio. Choosing the TRS+ cassette was an easy choice as I love my XT and XTR Shimano drivetrain. Purchasing this cassette along with a XD compatible free hub for your rear wheel still costs less than purchasing an entire Sram Eagle GX drivetrain.

Installation and Performance

Installation was surprisingly easy. The packaging includes most of the tools needed (except chain whips and wrench). A high grade grease is included to prevent squeaking from the two piece cassette when locked. Riding the cassette is even better. Coming from a 11-42 to a 9-46 cassette was a night and day difference. Having the 46 tooth granny gear makes it much easier to get up really steep climbs while having the 9 tooth smaller cog allowed me to pick up speed on descents. The gear ratio is an easy choice because other comparable 11 speed cassettes don't have the 9 tooth cog, have too large of a jump to the 46 tooth cog, and weigh a heck of lot more (even non-weight weenies can complain!).

I highly recommend this cassette as it shifts clean, is light, and is damn sexy to look at!

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April 24, 2018

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