DT Swiss Center Lock Disc to 6-Bolt Disc Adaptor: Rider Review

Just because the brake rotors you have will not work with your new wheels does not mean that you have to throw them out! There are rotor adaptors available from a few different companies. Some work well, others, not so much. So how do you know the difference? Check out what our friend Joo thinks of his from DT Swiss!


I have been riding for about 3 seasons now. My current bike is an Ibis Ripley LS and I love it! I completed my first race this past September (6-hour solo). The majority of the trails I ride are single track, cross country type trails with decent technical climbs and downhills. I live in central/northern New Mexico and the MTB community here is awesome! Like most riders, I eventually upgraded my wheelset to carbon DT Swiss XMC 1200 Spline.

DT Swiss Rotor Adapter Rider Review

Why use an adaptor?

I purchased 2 of the DT Swiss Center Lock to 6-Bolt Disc Adaptors for my new wheelset since my previous wheelset came with the 6 bolt disc brakes. I debated on whether I should purchase the adaptors or just change out my brake rotors to the center lock discs. I was concerned that using adaptors would possibly create some play where the disc mounts to the hub. On the other hand, my disc brakes were fairly new and I would save some cash by using the adaptors. I decided to go with the DT Swiss center lock to 6 bolt adaptors.


I am extremely satisfied with the DT Swiss center lock to 6 bolt adaptors! The design is simple and clever which makes installation easy. More importantly, they securely mount the discs to the hubs with no noticeable “play” (to my satisfaction!). My brakes feel great on the trails. For those of you concerned about weight, each adaptor will add about 29g. For the price, it’s well worth it.

DT Swiss Rotor Adapter Rider Review

Final Thoughts

Overall I recommend the DT Swiss center lock to 6 bolt disc adaptors. They allowed me to use my existing disc rotors and the installation was quick and easy. My brakes feel solid!

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March 28, 2019

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