DMR Brendog Death Grip: Rider Review

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Grips can make or ruin your ride. You never know how you are going to like a grip until it is actually on your bike and you're out on the trail riding. Depending on your preferences, you don't want a grip that is too hard, too soft, too thin, too big, etc. The best way to find what grip works best for you is by just trying what the market has to offer. The DMR Death Grip is probably the most popular grip we sell, and for good reasons. It has just about every little thing a person would be looking for. Let's see what Mike thought of the grips!

Mike's Review

I bought the DMR Brendog Death Grips grips before the spring thaw and rode them all year on my 29" full suspension bike. They are the green camo fat version. I have, according to Strava, over 200 miles on that bike & the grips. Although, some rides never logged. My rides include everything from a downhill bike/ski park, flow trails, cross country, to gravel roads. These grips are a mixture of ribs near the end, a waffle-like diamond pattern on top, and an old school Oury brand motocross grid pattern on the bottom. The compound they're made of is tacky enough for a good grip but not so much that on hot days they feel gooey. I've ridden in the pouring rain and cold temps too. I can't find a single fault with these under any circumstances. They are long enough to give some room for movement but not so much that you lose your hand position if you take said hand off then back on again. I think that because there are only one clamping end and not two, you get some more real estate with these grips.

Here they are as of today after a year of abuse:

DMR Death Grip Review

I've had quite a few crashes this year & even dislocated a shoulder. The grips are virtually unscathed at the ends which is very surprising. I've bounced them off trees and roots. I like the way these grips mount on the bars- you slide them on and tap the ends in place, then tighten the inner clamp. There's a captive part inside the end that grips the bar when you tap it in place. I've never had one loosen or move... ever. After a year; they do show signs of wear on the end where my palm rests most of the time. I have ridden them primarily with gloves on but there were occasions in the hot summer when I used them barehanded. I found no discomfort or weird feeling about these grips at all- on the contrary, the soft compound and various textures make them super comfy. I think these grips would be well suited for any type of riding and bike. They come in a flange model that would be great for single speed bikes or even BMX. There is a slim as well as this thick version but having large hands I like the thicker model. One other cool factor is the color selections. There are the standard solid colors, some blended camo ones, and even a natural gum color. The prices are good at under $30 compared to some other grips that can be $30 and up.

DMR Death Grip Review


"I like these grips so much that I've decided to put them on my new winter Fat Tire bike (Growler Mr. Big Stuff) when the stock grips wear out or cause me so much discomfort I decide to switch anyway. I'll order the snow camo version for that bike. I have a hardtail that will be getting a pair of these also when the stock units die. Ask around and you'll find grips are a highly personal choice almost as diverse as underwear preferences, lol! But you can usually sift through choices by seeing if most reviews for a particular grip are positive or negative. Google these grips and you'll see they are well-liked. I see more and more riders with these on their bikes lately - so that speaks for their popularity too. For me, these are a big positive that has improved my riding by giving me one less thing to think about." - Mike

DMR Death Grip Review

January 13, 2020

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