Deity TMAC Pedals: Rider Review

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Whether you prefer flat pedals or clipless, there is no denying how great the Deity TMAC pedals look. From the colors, to the high quality machining, these things just ooze quality. After watching a few videos, our customer Orijit knew the Deity TMAC was the pedal for him. Check out his review!

Deity TMAC Pedal Rider Review


Mountain Biking is hard. Period. Well, At least for me. Going uphill requires building up your cardiovascular system, and downhill requires commitment , strength, and courage. Going sideways, over the bars, and other assortments of movement are best avoided at all costs. In this regard, having a dependable bike and component is crucial. And it doesn't hurt if your bike turns a few heads and puts a smile on your face every time you lay your eyes on it.

Enter pedals. One component - two purposes. As a point of contact ( others being saddle and grips ), I would say they are critical to your feeling of safety and comfort on the bike. I am a beginner-intermediate level rider , who started riding well into my 30s. 3 years into my foray into mountain biking, I decided to stop drooling over Instagram and cool bikes, and get myself one. As all know , new bike EQUAL new bling. I was looking for a few things in my pedals.

  • I needed it to be built like a tank.
  • Needed to look NICE!!
  • I wanted a pedal that would accommodate boots for my carbon cranks.
  • Pedals with large bearings would preclude the use of boots.
  • I needed it to be comfortable. Big enough platform
  • A reasonable profile ( not too clunky). I don't expect to ride too aggressive, so wasn't looking for the thinnest.

I had been following the guys on Worldwide Cyclery for quite a while, And I find their YouTube videos very informative in my aspirations to be a better rider and a home bike mechanic. So I looked up their website, and narrowed my choices to "RaceFace Atlas" , "Crank Brothers Stamp 3 Small" and the "Deity TMAC" .

I ordered all three, and though all look very nice on the websites, the "Deity TMAC" by far looks the best. There is a refinement to the machining absent from the other two. Also the RaceFace has an "oversized bearing" which ruled it out.

Deity TMAC Pedal Rider Review


The pedals were very easy to put on because its setup with an 8 mm Allen key recess on the spindle. They were considerably bigger than my RaceFace Chester which I had used on my previous bike. On the trail, the bigger platform is very nice, and the pins mate nicely with my five tens'. And I am very happy with the look and feel so far. I haven't put it through its paces yet. But a few pedal strikes so far seem to have left it unscathed.

Final Thoughts

I read that these are also relatively easy to service. But that will be a concern for another time. Till then I am hoping to be an orange blur on some trail somewhere. Happy riding!

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July 25, 2020

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