Deity Copperhead Stem: Rider Review

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Deity is well known for their high quality and flat out good looking components. Their Copperhead stem is no different. Check out what Scott has to say about his new Deity Copperhead Stem.

Scotts Review:

I bought my 2014 Kona King Kahuna used and have since upgraded every single part on the bike with exception of the handlebars as they are already RaceFace Next R carbon bars. 

Deity has been making some of the best machined aluminum components for several years now and this stem is no exception. The machining is impressive and the polished anodizing is so fly. This stem has a wide clamping area which helps ensure a stiff cockpit. Deity also offers tons of color options so you can choose between a myriad of color options.

Deity Copperhead Stem Purple

So I decided on the Deity Copperhead stem initially because I thought it looked pretty badass. I like the styling and it has a really chiseled look. The wide interface with the handlebars which instills a very secure mental comfort when you’re ripping down the trails and landing big air. I also like the variety of stem length with 35mm, 50mm & 65mm length options. I tried a friend’s bike with identical reach to my own ride, and he had spec’d his bike with the 35mm Copperhead which had me feeling a bit squished, As such, I opted for the 50mm version and it’s perfect for me and my riding style.

The Copperhead’s stack height is modest at only 33mm which is nice considering that both of my bikes are spec’d with used suspension forks, and you don’t always have the luxury of having more steerer tube length than needed. It was nice to have a low stack height stem which still allowed me to use a variety of spacers on my relatively short steerer tube to dial in my ride height perfectly. Although the Deity Copperhead is not quite as low profile as other sure has done the trick for me.

Deity Copperhead Stem Purple

I do not think that you can flip this stem over to manipulate handlebar height without changing stack height, but it seems to have a very modest rise so I’m not sure it would help that much anyway. Weird actually that I can’t find anywhere on the internet what the rise actually is. Some folks say they’re mad that it wasn’t designed to flip it over, while others say it has a 0-degree rise, which would preclude the need to flip it over anyway. I’m a little confused on that point. Plus…the writing on the stem would be upside down. I don’t think I could live with that!! 

Final Thoughts:

The Deity Copperhead has performed well for me. Not much else you can say about a stem, I guess, but I liked it so much that I decided to spec a new bike build with an entire Deity cockpit and chose the Copperhead 35/50 for that build too.

Deity Copperhead Stem



November 22, 2019

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