Deity Black Kat Pedals [Rider Review]

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Deity is known for their incredibly reliable components and their family of riders that we could comfortably say make up a majority of the hardest riders on the planet. With these guys and gals putting their products to the limit, you know you can trust anything they put on the market! Our buddy Scott recently purchased a set of Deity Black Kat Pedals and sent over this review, lets see what he thought:

Deity Black Kat Pedal Review at Worldwide cyclery

Scott's Review

So I built up a mean enduro/AM bike over the past month or so... a Spot Rollik 607. This is a 6 inch travel, 27.5 inch wheeled carbon fiber machine with an innovative carbon fiber leaf spring that takes the place of the typical lower linkage bearings or bushings. All I bought was the frame, and it was completely stripped down. I even found a lightly used Fox Float DPX2 for it. I sourced most everything from Worldwide Cyclery... including my Deity Black Kat wide platform pedals.

I like Deity components. I always find their stuff is machined perfectly, and their styling is exactly what I like.

I also like that I can get most machined aluminum pieces in a variety of anodized colors. In this case, because the frame is a black carbon fiber weave design with red accents in the rear triangle and the underside of the down tube, I decided on red pedals. I also bought a Deity Copperhead stem in anodized red too.

Deity Black Kat Pedal Review at Worldwide cyclery
The Black Kat pedals have performed great for me, although I do not have a ton of time on them yet. I’ve also always been quite happy the pedals I chose for my carbon fiber racing hardtail as well (Chromag Scarab platform pedals with adjustable pins), and I do have a lot more time of them. These Chromag Scarab pedals, which have been a great set of pedals for me, are very similar to the Deity Black Kats I sourced for my Rollik. The platforms on both pedals are sizable so they offer a nice planted feeling no matter the terrain you’re riding.

Although I’ve not felt as though I have needed to mess around with the adjustable pins, it is sure nice to know that all I need is an Allen key to fine tune the adjustment. The Black Kats are a little more low profile than the Scarabs, and Deity has done an awesome job shaping the pedal around the spindle in such a way that it is undetectable by the sole of my foot... no matter what shoes I happen to be wearing. The contact area is actually slightly concave so it really allows your foot to feel planted and set in place.


"I would say that the only thing that is a small minus for me is that I didn’t realize that the pedals had a matte finish. I had assumed they would match the red anodized, polished finish on that of my Copperhead stem. It was difficult to ascertain from the pictures on WC that the finish was matte instead of polished. The color is also a bit darker red than the stem too. I ain’t too worried about it though...the bike is looking nice despite the slightly different finish and color. Overall, very happy with the finished product... both the Black Kat pedals and the Spot!" - Scott

Deity Black Kat Pedals at Worldwide Cyclery

May 27, 2021

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