Customer Review: WTB Trail Boss TCS/TOUGH Tires

This review was written by avid MTB rider Art Kouns.

WTB Trail Boss TCS/TOUGH Tires

I've been using WTB Tires for the last few years. Currently I have a Vigilante in the front and Trail Boss in the back, mounted to Velocity Cliffhanger Rims with Hope Pro 4 Hubs affixed to a Santa Cruz Highball CC XXL Frame with a Pike RCT3 140mm Fork.  For bragging and reference.  I have a few hundred miles on these tires right now.  The rear wears a little faster than I'd like, but some of the trails I ride have a lot of asphalt to get to fun parts.

I recently rode Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, CA. I rode East Ridge and West Ridge Trails. Prepare for some climbing and one awesome descent!  I hiked a good share of East Ridge, it's really steep to climb. My buddy can pedal all of it, but I think he's part mountain goat.  Climbing is no issue with this tire in loose terrain at all. The West Ridge descent is, in my opinion, at least a Black Diamond Trail.  It's full of ruts, rocks, roots and drops. I'd not venture down it in the rain or after a rain.  Even dry there's no safe place to crash. I had no issues with grip or braking with the Trail Boss.  It has plenty of bite in all the conditions I ride in. Any slippage I've experienced is expected.

My previous tire was a WTB Nine Line rear as I like fast rolling tires, but it didn't have enough bite for some of the more aggressive trails I've been riding lately.  The Trail Boss still is fast, but has more grip in the gnarly sections.  I rode Joaquin Miller after rain and they will slip some in the slickest parts of the trail, but not too bad.  I'd say it's a no go for mud, but it has performed great in everything else I rode on. 

I'm so pleased with this tire I bought 2 more for the rear.  My wife runs the Trail Boss front and rear and loves them as well.

WTB Trail Boss Tires

August 19, 2017

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