Customer Review: TRP Quadiem Brakes (The Next Best Brakes?)

Have you ever considered riding with Brakes that aren't either made by SRAM or Shimano? The latest TRP Quadiem brakes might be your best bet. Here in this review, one of our customers mounts his new TRP Quadiem brakes on a Canfield Balance. Check it out!

I finally finished my new build. I wanted to use parts from brands other than the two big S's. Got the Box One drivetrain, custom hand built wheels and this TRP Quadiem brake-set. I've been on Shimano brakes for as long as I can remember. Always trusted the reliability of Shimano but wanted more modulation, hence the move to TRP. Another requirement for the upgrade was that it had to be easy to bleed and use mineral oil. I'm a home mechanic and do most of my own wrenching and will avoid the caustic Dot 3 stuff.

TRP Quadiem Brake Review

Now that these burly beautiful brakes are installed, trimmed and bled it's time to bed them in a bit and go for a quick spin. Firstly, bleeding was easy and similar to Shimano. Now the difference in performance is night and day. The modulation is great. Not spongy like Sram. I got used to the on/off feel of the Shimano but it was a bit scary when I'm at the bike park. The wheels would lock up unpredictably at times on the long downhills and would lose control briefly. When riding my usual trails, the Shimano quick engagement is fine. The modulation of the TRP Quadiems is going to be a welcome change when spring comes and the downhill season starts. I feel more controlled in cornering also.

TRP Quadiem Brake Review
These brakes are a beefy shiny piece of art that stops you in a controlled and predictable manner. Plus Aaron Gwin helped develop these brakes and has won the World Cup with them...need I say more!

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February 13, 2018

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