Customer Review: Troy Lee Designs A1 MIPS Helmet

Here in this review, one of our customers just found out how good the Troy Lee Designs A1 helmet is. The A1 has had years and years of success and has recently been replaced with the A2 helmet. Both are great helmets! Check it out.

Troy Lee Designs A1 MIPS Helmet

After having a few bad experiences with other helmets and brands, I decided to try one of the legendary Troy Lee Designs products. The customer service at Worldwide Cyclery was fantastic and the free, fast shipping is such a desirable bonus that they provide. The helmet got here undamaged and on-time. As I ripped open the package with almost too much excitement, I realized the helmet is even more gorgeous in person than it is online. 

The first ride with this helmet was a night and day difference to the other helmets I had owned in the past. Not only is it the sexiest helmet out on the trails, but it gave me this satisfying sense of protection which massively boosted my confidence while riding. The helmet was definitely bigger than the Giro I had before yet it was more comfortable on my head. Oddly enough, I almost PR’d a Strava downhill section on the first day with the new helmet. This was a trail that I have been riding for over 2 years and had not gotten close to a PR in a very long time. Coincidence? I think not. This helmet had me riding with much more confidence even though I did not realize it. It’s always nice to have the MIPS rotational system in the helmet which could potentially save your brain from damage in a crash. It was very important to me to obtain this technology in my next helmet since I had to have brain surgery to remove a tumor in my brain. To have this extra bit of protection just seemed to ease the conscience.

Troy Lee Designs A1 Helmet Review

This helmet is a work of art while also being a trail weapon. I would buy this over and over again. Troy Lee Designs has found another follower in me. The only complaint WHATSOEVER that I would have would be that I’d like a GoPro mount attached to it. With some work and mounts, this issue could be solved on your own but it would be nice to have one integrated into the helmet. That’s just on a personal level and I cannot find anything else to complain about. BUY THIS.

Rating: 9.5/10

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January 01, 2018

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