Customer Review: Salsa Cowchipper Handlebars and Lizard Skin Handlebar Tape

In this customer review, we are taking a closer look at the Salsa Cowchipper handlebars (46cm) wrapped in Lizard Skin DSP 3.2 bar tape. This aggressive combo makes for a fun ride on the Niner RLT 9 gravel bike. Check it out!

Salsa Handlebars

I recently purchased a set of 46cm Salsa Cowchipper handlebars and Lizard Skin DSP 3.2 handlebar tape to wrap them up with. I installed this bar and tape on my Niner RLT 9 gravel bike. These handlebars replaced a pair of Zipp Service Course SL bars which did not provide the stability needed for gravel road riding.

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The flair of the Cowchippers is extremely comfortable and matches the natural angle your wrist and hands want to have when in the drops or hooks. This flair not only is more comfortable, but it also provides additional stability when riding fast. I use all three Salsa handlebars and love them all for the right use...Cowbell on the road and commuter bike, Cowchipper on the gravel bike and Woodchipper for the drop bar mountain bike (monstercross!!).

Salsa Handlebars Review
The Lizard Skin DSP tape has always been my favorite. It provides a great feel while staying tacky in both dry and wet conditions. I've always used the 2.5mm thickness in the past, but I wanted the thicker 3.2mm for the gravel bike. The extra thickness reduces the vibration and makes the handlebar thicker in overall diameter. This is great for all day riding. Lizard Skin DSP tape installs easier than any other tape out there. It does not require stretching and can easily be unwrapped when installing to make corrections. There is plenty of tape to wrap a "figure 8" around the hoods on 46cm bars. I only wish they made the 3.2mm tape in more color choices!

Salsa Cowchipper Handlebars

November 22, 2017

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