Customer Review: RockShox Yari Fork

This is a customer review of the new RockShox Yari fork by Mike Lin. Mike upgraded his Canfield hardtail equiped with the RockShox Sektor to the RockShox Yari and here's what he had to say!


This is a review of the RockShox Yari fork. I live in the Phoenix Metro area and my go to trail is National at South Mountain. I ride a 2013 Canfield Nimble 9 and was running a Sektor 140mm up front and was looking to upgrade. The Sektor was a great fork that has treated me well over the years, especially for the price, which I think I paid around $380.00 at the time. I just felt it was time to upgrade. I started looking at the Pike, new or used, but was debating on whether or not it was overkill since I was riding a hardtail. I’ve read and heard nothing but great reviews but never had any experience with the Pike.

As I started my research, I ran across the Yari. I learned that it had 35mm stanchions, which was an upgrade from the 32mm Sektor. The Yari was said to be similar to the Pike and Lyrik. Both the Pike and Lyrik utilize a “charger” damper and the Yari used an “open bath” damper to keep the cost down. The Yari was definitely more budget friendly sitting just around $100 or more above the Sektor.

Customer Review: RockShox Yari Fork - Worldwide Cyclery

Customer Review: RockShox Yari Fork - Worldwide Cyclery

I had the fork installed and went straight to National trail. I immediately noticed the difference as I made my way up National. Popping up the front end to maneuver over rocks was smoother and it smoothed out the small bumps much better than the Sektor. The smoothness up front also translated into the rear of the hardtail. As for going down National, the Yari ate up the small chatter like nothing and smoothed out the drops, especially coming down “waterfall” and the lower half of National. The lateral stiffness and control of the Yari translated into more speed and more control on turns and switchbacks. I also noticed my elbows and wrists were less sore and fatigued, which is a huge factor for me since I am no longer a “spring chicken.”

I am by no means an expert rider or reviewer and this is based on a comparison of the Sektor. Anyone familiar with National trail knows there are people who bomb down it! I am definitely not one of those people. I make it down National but I am not breaking any PR’s, nor am I trying to. I can honestly say that upgrading to the Yari was a huge improvement over the Sektor and has given me more confidence in my riding. The 35mm stanchions are so much burlier than the Sektor and it just feels so much more solid! Not to knock the Sektor which is a great fork for what it is intended for and for the price but with the Yari only being a $100 or so more, I see no reason but to upgrade, unless weight is a factor.

Kudos to RockShox for producing the Yari for the more budget oriented rider and entrance into the 35mm stanchion market. And thanks again to Worldwide Cyclery for being a great stand up shop!

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January 12, 2017

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