Customer Review: Rockshox Reba RL Fork 29" 120mm

This review was written by one of our first time customers Kurt Gottschalk. He was looking to change the handling characteristics on his hardtail mountain bike and decided to upgrade the fork with the Rockshox Reba RL. This particular model is suited for 29" wheels, with 120mm of travel and a 15mm through axle. Lets see what Kurt thought about this Rockshox product.


I was looking to slacken the head angle on my bike by a degree, but none of the mainstream headsets fit the bill. My other option was to increase my fork travel from 100 mm to 120mm. I wasn't crazy about heading down this road as the cost is greater than a headset. I researched my options on all the online bike sites. Spoke to my local bike shop and they recommended the Rockshox Reba-said it was a great shock. I researched it and found that it was affordable. Read numerous reviews and decided to pull the trigger. I have had it for about a month and love this shock. Easy to set up and adjust, ride is plush and the lockout is solid on the climbs.

Customer Review: Rockshox Reba RL Fork 29" 120mm - Worldwide Cyclery
Despite the 120 mm and it being a 29er fork, I don't notice any flex in the fork when I am going downhill. It soaks up all the bumps without that punchy feeling I got from my previous fork. It is very smooth! The fork also came in at less weight than my 100mm fork so being a little bit of a weight weenie, I was stoked about that. I am very happy with the gloss black color and the black stanchions.

My wife rode it and said it was "pillowy." So for the price to value ratio, it's hard to beat. I deal with all the online bike sites and found this at Worldwide Cyclery. They were very responsive and offer free shipping. The follow up on my order has been great, something I never got from other sites. Thanks guys.

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May 31, 2017

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