Customer Review: Nicholas Broyles' Lynskey Stratus Set Up

Nicholas Broyels recently upgraded his bike in a big way and sent over this killer review on his recent change. Let's see what he had to say about everything!

Lynskey Stratus Set up

My name is Nick Broyles and I recently purchased several items from Worldwide Cyclery.  First and foremost, let me say, the staff at Worldwide Cyclery is top-notch and are clearly passionate about cycling!  Prior to my purchase, and afterward, I had several questions about components and compatibility.  I always received enthusiastic, technically superior, and quick responses.  Their prices are phenomenal and their advice was very helpful then and continues to be to this day!  These guys are certainly my bike shop of choice for all my future needs (which will soon include a new rear wheel)!

I am 47 and ride about 95% fat bike and 5% road bike in beautiful New Mexico.  I ride a Lynskey Stratus fat bike and a Trek Domane 6.9 road bike.  Most of my riding is cross country and I hope to get into bikepacking.  On my Lynskey, I plan to convert my QR tubed wheels to tubeless with a thru-axle.  The front end was my first target and Worldwide Cyclery was happy to oblige me with the following:

Hope Fatsno Pro4 15x150 front hub

Stan’s No Tubes 35mm tubeless valves

Topeak Digital SmartGauge

45NRTH Flowbeist 26x4.6 120tpi tubeless tire

DT Swiss RWS 15x150 thru-axle

Lauf Carbonara fat bike fork

Chris King Inset 7 Headset

The Lauf Carbonara fork is amazing!  Its weight is right in between a rigid carbon and traditional MTB forks.  For my style of riding, it is absolutely perfect for taking out all the small bumps and greatly reducing fatigue in my old shoulders.  I highly recommend it…props to the guys in Iceland!!

Lynskey Stratus Set Up

Hope hubs are known for their buttery smooth operation, great looks, and quality manufacturing.  The Hope Fatsno Pro4 is no exception.  I am extremely pleased with its form and function and look forward to putting the same on the rear!

My current tires are the 45NRTH Husker Dus, but their time has come.  I have always like 45NRTH tires and decided on the Flowbeist for the front and will soon be putting a Van Helga on the rear (which I will purchase from WWC).  I ride in a lot of loose sand here in New Mexico and the Flowbeist is ideal!  It provides a very comfortable ride and inspires a great deal on confidence in the loose stuff…kudos to 45NRTH (I am a Minnesota native; gotta respect Minnesota companies)!

Chris King Inset 7 Headset…enough said!  Chris King is the “gold standard” for headsets.  I went from a straight steering tube in my previous fork to a tapered in the Lauf so I of course had to get a new headset…oh darn!  I am not normally a flashy guy, but I had to go with the King.  It’s the best out there for quality and is available in a variety of colors.  I think it perfectly accents the few bits of red on the bike as well as the Lynskey badge on the head tube; wouldn’t you agree?!

Lynskey Stratus Set Up

Lastly, valve stems, tire pressure gauge, and thru-axle.  You can’t overlook the little things right?  Stan’s is the “man” for all things tubeless and DT Swiss is always classy and clean.  The digital tire pressure gauge from Topeak is a fun, convenient, and reliable.  What man doesn’t like a few new toys right?

So, why Worldwide Cyclery?  These guys are the best!  I was turned onto them through watching YouTube videos of Brian Kennedy of BKXC (love his videos by the way)!  WWC has great enthusiasm for, and superior knowledge of bicycles.  Their correspondence always contains bits of humor and their prices and deals just can’t be beat!  I highly recommend them if you are passionate about bikes.  Check them out before making your next purchase!!

August 30, 2017

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