MRP AMg V2 Alloy Chainguide: Customer Review

Do you still prefer to run a chainguide even with a narrow wide chainring? If you do, this MRP AMg V2 alloy chainguide might be a solid choice. In this review, one of our customers Jessica Platt, takes us through her new chainguide and has nothing but good things to say about the company MRP. Check it out!

MRP V2 Chainguide

I recently made an upgrade to a 1x10 (with a 32 tooth front chainring) drivetrain on my Santa Cruz Bronson (previously a 2x10- I know) with the addition of an MRP chain guide/bash guard combo. This was one of the best purchases yet for my bike, and one I should have done a long time ago (how did I ever live without it?). The MRP chain guide has not only done its job of not once throwing the chain but who doesn't love bash guard protection as well?? I can tell you it’s pretty tough - I might be a 130-pound lady but I can case the crap out of a log or rock on occasion!

So far I have about 15 rides on this new drivetrain with the addition of a chainring/bash guard. MRP is a great company, local to us here in Colorado. My friends and I all use their products; I can not think of one person who hasn’t been pleased with its performance. The only conditions I have yet to test in is mud, but I doubt build up will be an issue.

MRP AMG V2 Chain GuideOverall, the MRP chain guide and bash guard combo is one that can be easily installed at home and can be adjusted for various chainring sizes. It is a must-have on a trail bike - seriously. I threw my chain all the time before I purchased the MRP AMg V2 chainguide. Nothing is more frustrating than having to interrupt your flow to put your chain back on. Plus, you are saving your frame the abuse of misjudging a rollover and bashing into something. It’s worth the extra couple of grams you’re adding to your ride- I promise :)

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February 15, 2018

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