Customer Review: Maxxis Aggressor Double Down Tire

Richard Ealy is no stranger to upgrading parts on his bike. Let's hear what he had to say after trying out the Maxxis Aggressor tire for the first time.


Life in southern NM definitely has its perks. The climate is great, the scenery is beautiful and there are many opportunities for various activities. When riding, I'm constantly amazed by the varied terrain/topography that the area presents. We have jagged desert rocks, moist dirt and everything in between. This makes choosing the correct tire extremely important.

I'm a Maxxis fanboy, I guess. They're all I use...I've had great luck with many of their makes in the past. They recently released many of their popular tires in the new Double Down sidewall variant. I picked up a Maxxis Aggressor DD. The DD sidewall falls somewhere in between the EXO and DH casing offerings and has the balance of durability and rideability (weight). This was important for me on my new enduro bike, a Devinci Spartan as I need the lighter weight to pedal up and the durability to make it down without failure. This tire gave me both.

Customer Review: Maxxis Aggressor Double Down Tire
Sure it's durable and the weight is reasonable, but what about traction? I feel like I made a good choice there as well. The tire handles everything like I hoped. Hard, loose over hard, smooth rock, etc. As for mud, it doesn't seem to shed that well due to the tight tread pattern, but that was expected.

Customer Review: Maxxis Aggressor Double Down Tire
I've paired the Aggressor DD with a Maxxis EXO DHF in front. I'm running both in a tubeless setup at 28-30 psi depending on the situation. I'm super happy with this setup. It allows me to attack the varied terrain in my area with confidence.

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Customer Review: Maxxis Aggressor Double Down Tire

February 27, 2017

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