Customer Review: Lazer Tonic MIPS Helmet

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I was in the market for a Hi-Vis helmet and settled on the Lazer Tonic. I ride in the mornings a lot, and wintertime in New York can be rather cloudy, so a bright, visible lid is a good idea. The problem is they can look silly, sort of "crash test dummy meets crossing guard", so it’s hard to find the balance between safety and style. I also knew this wouldn't be my full time helmet, so I didn’t want to spend a fortune. Another feature that I wanted in my new helmet was MIPS, so I'm essentially checking four boxes with this purchase. Not so easy to do. Anyways, that was my criteria for the purchase. Now about that helmet...

Customer Review: Lazer Tonic MIPS Helmet - Worldwide Cyclery

They call it Flash Yellow for a reason, it’s bright! But forget the color for a moment, because they sell it in a bunch of colors. The construction is really nice. The BOA style ratchet tightening device is awesome. Super easy to reach and adjust mid ride, even with gloves on, and with a very fine adjustment, doesn’t end up pinching my head in weird places. The design is what sold me. I personally like roundish shaped lids. Not egg shaped, Alien style, winged back helmets. If there is a wing or spoiler on the back, it’s just silly to me. The Tonic has a lovely rounded profile. Its looks super-clean, no weird creases, or unusual vent shapes, just a series of well-placed rectangles and triangles in the back. The fit is very comfy and snug wearing it with a simple cycling cap. No issues on long rides either, as its very light: sub 300 grams which is probably lighter than it should be for this price. This brings me to the price...

I honestly can’t say I've spent ~$100 better. In a sport where $4500 frames and $400 bibs are becoming commonplace, it’s refreshing to see a product like this - just a nice, safe, light, stylish, simple helmet. It makes me wonder if the Tonic will become my full time lid. I could get a matte black for MTB and a white one to match my mood and kit that day. I don’t see any reason not to, quite frankly! Also, I don’t see any compromise in riding this lid, versus something else higher up the food chain. Thankfully, I haven't had a chance to "test" the crash protection, and have absolutely no intention of doing that, so I personally cannot comment on the protection aspect of the lid. I trust in the brand's experience in making a safe helmet, having owned Lazer before, and the robust build quality that the Tonic has. Simply put, if you're into the look, it’s an awesome choice. I give the Tonic my highest endorsement!

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Customer Review: Lazer Tonic MIPS Helmet - Worldwide Cyclery

February 01, 2017

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