Customer Review: Industry Nine Enduro S Wheelset

Christopher Martinez with Sandstone Cycles sent over this incredible review on the Industry Nine Enduro S Wheelset. Christopher recently raced the Scott Enduro Cup with these wheels and had an incredible experience on them. Let's see what he had to say about his ride on these notorious wheels.


After racing motocross for the past ten years I jumped straight into this wonderful world of mountain biking just two years ago. It didn't take long for me to fall into the fast growing sport of enduro. I wanted to get in shape but at the same time I needed something to feed my moto addiction. Enduro seemed to be the happy medium for me. 2017 will be my second year racing mountain bikes. I primarily stick to the Scott Enduro Cup because I'm super fortunate to live in the small NM town of Aztec. Which seems to be a pretty central location for all the race venues.

I've learned a lot about mountain biking in the past two years and feel that I've learned fairly quickly. In fact, still learning!! My most recent endeavor is buying a plus bike. When Diamondback introduced their new line of level link bikes, the Catch immediately caught my eye. The Catch is a 27.5 plus bike that came spec'd with 2.8 tires and 130mm travel front and rear. I was given the advice that a plus bike with 2.6 tires would give me a closer feel to riding a dirt bike and would provide tons of traction. Well... different strokes for different folk I suppose as I found out quickly I wasn't a fan of fat tires with tall sidewalls.


Thus, I met the wonderful folks at Worldwide Cyclery. They've been nothing but solid people and have help me a lot as I dig myself deeper and deeper into the sport of mountain bike racing. So far I've ordered a solo air spring for my 130mm Yari fork to put it at a 160mm fork and my most recent purchase was this great looking set of Industry 9 Enduro Wheels, which their staff personally recommended to me. I recently got to brake in this wheel set at round two of the 2017 Scott Enduro Cup in Angel Fire, NM. I couldn't imagine a better place to put these to the test.


While pre-riding some back country stages on Thursday I blew a hole in the top of my tire and sidewall. This was my own fault for only riding with 21 psi in the front tire... I won't do that again! BUT... zero damage to my wheel. On Friday I blew the sidewall on my rear tire while riding a few stages on the bike park... and still the wheel stayed true:) On day two of racing I tried to sneak an inside line on a left hand sweeping corner and went head on with a large rock that I didn't see lying behind some tall grass that sent me flying over the bars at about 30 mph on stage 5. With bent handle bars and my seat turned the wrong way I quickly straightened things out and jumped on my bike. Surprised to see my front tire still holding air and my front wheel still true!! To the best of my knowledge this wheel set has past one heck of a test! I was fortunate to come home from the weekend with just a few scratches on the wheels and two loose spokes. I should mention, I hadn't touched these wheels since I pulled them out of the box, I maybe could have avoided the loose spokes if I checked spoke tension before riding them that hard. But regardless, this wheel set is sick and I'm looking forward to racing on them throughout the remainder of the 2017 season. Next test... Sun Valley, ID:)

Thank you guys so much for the great advice and your continued support to all mountain bike riders and racers out there. Keep up the hard work!! Looking forward to meeting you all someday!!

I9 Enduro Wheelset

August 04, 2017

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