Customer Review: HT ME03T Platform Pedals

James Smith has a good taste in pedals. He recently upgraded to the HT ME03T pedals and sent over this well written review after getting those first couple rides in. Check out what he had to say.


Here's my awesome review for the HT-Component ME03Ti pedals:

Let's be real here, these pedals are not cheap. What makes these pedals cost so much you might ask? I asked that very question myself before buying these and I assure you I was not disappointed.

First off I'd like to say I only use these for XC/trail riding use. When the going gets rough I swap these out with my DMR Vault pedals which are way more durable and I feel a bit more confident if I crash or clip a rock or two...or three at high speeds. Just FYI HT Components states that these pedals are intended for Trail/All Mountain and Gravity. So it's on me to actually ride these at the bike park but for now I'm not going full in, not just yet at least.

Customer Review: HT ME03T Platform Pedals - Worldwide Cyclery

So let's start off with:

Grip: The pins are well placed and provide exceptional grip when paired with my Five Ten Freerider Pro shoes. When I'm jumping, going through rocky or rooty sections, my feet stay planted. I've put about 60 some miles on these pedals already and my feet have not slipped once. The pins are made of aluminum and will break easily. Within my first ride I broke a pin. Don't worry, they come with a bag of extra pins and are easily replaced using a 2mm allen tool. This is NOT a flaw in design. The pins are made to break on purpose on hard impacts. The reason for this is so that there's less chances of the magnesium pedal to crack during impact. I will note that even when I did break a pin I still had no issues with pedal grip.

Customer Review: HT ME03T Platform Pedals - Worldwide Cyclery

Weight: A large part of the premium cost is how super light they are. With a claimed weight of 218g per pair (Mine when weighed came in slightly higher at 222g) you’d be hard pressed to find a lighter set of pedals of this caliber. Please don't even compare these pedals with cheap plastic flats. Having a super thin profile at 11mm and a titanium spindle helps to lower the weight but does this impact durability? When used on XC/trail or even on aggressive trails it doesn't seem like the durability was compromised. Despite having the ultra-thin profile I've still managed to have several pedal strikes and all I have to show is a few light scratches. Incredible! At 111g per pedal you'd think that one tiny impact would make these pedals "explode" - my brain thinks "OH CRAP!" whenever I strike a rock but when I look down to investigate the damage, it's all good. I'm beginning to think it's all mental. So far I'm very impressed.

Performance: The pedals do not spin too loosely, so when I take my foot off in a sharp turn my feet can quickly get back on the pedal. Their Dual DU bushing is very impressive and definitely reeks of high quality. Being that they're super light I've noticed overall I'm less fatigued when climbing the steeper climbs. That being said these are my favorite pedals to ride on when hitting my local trails.

Customer Review: HT ME03T Platform Pedals - Worldwide Cyclery

Design: The CNC'd Evo Magnesium black body with the shiny gold pins make this by far the best looking flat pedal around. Not gonna lie, it looks so sick on my bike.

In Conclusion
Are these pedals worth the high cost? So far I believe so. Is this pedal for everyone? No. I'd say it's for people who are out for speed and who prefer riding flats. When you have to pedal your ass off and when you have to climb the climb to beat the clock these can definitely help. Not to mention for such crazy light pedals they're extremely durable.

HT-Components may have done the impossible with these pedals: Combine lightweight, durable, and high quality into one package. Until I give these pedals a go at the bike park I won't know for sure but something tells me they're gonna be alright.

Thanks for the continued awesome service!

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May 15, 2017

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