Customer Review: Fox Transfer Dropper Seatpost

This review was written by one of our customers, Sam Hendrix. Sam has tried numerous different dropper posts in the past and this time decided to go with the brand new Fox Transfer Dropper Post Factory Series for his Trek Remedy 9.8. Being an avid mountain biker, having a dropper post that operates without flaw is a must - here is what Sam had to say:

Fox Transfer Dropper Post Review

"I have the Fox Transfer Dropper Post Factory Kashima Series 31.6 mm Clamp 125mm Travel Internal Route with the 2x/3x remote. It is on a 2014 Trek Remedy 9.8. I attempted to install it myself but I was not able to get the cable to route past the bottom bracket on the carbon frame. I did practice with the setup prior to attempting the install, and it was pretty straightforward.

I have about 15 rides on this post and I absolutely love it. The remote has a great feel to it. I had a crash and hit the remote lever, but it's still working great. My favorite part of the post is the ability to control the speed of the post adjustment based on how far you deflect the remote. This is very handy when you need to raise the seat just a smidgen. The post is very responsive and has an extremely smooth action and the Kashima coating on the post looks awesome on the bike.

Fox Transfer Dropper Post Review

Fox 2x/3x Remote Lever

This is the 4th dropper post brand I have used. My first dropper was a Specialized BlackLite, a good post but only three three seat heights. I ended up selling it with my old bike. The second was a RockShox Reverb with internal routing. This one came on the Remedy 9.8. Initially I got about 10 rides before it failed. After 3 rebuilds and a complete replacement over about 20 rides, my LBS set me up with a KS LEV with external routing. The LEV worked well, but the remote was pretty finicky. I had to tweak it every few rides. The LEV failed after about 70 rides. I chose the Fox Transfer because Fox products have been very reliable for me. This is also a second generation product, so I fully expect it to be more reliable. I love the simple and well executed variable adjustment speed. The 2x/3x remote ergonomics are fantastic and very easy to actuate -  even in the middle of a descent. The jury is still out on the long term reliability, but so far I have not had any issues."
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September 07, 2016

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