Customer Review: Fox Shox 34 Float 140mm FIT4 Fork 2017

Fox Suspension Fork 2017 Float 34 140mm FIT4 Fork 27.5" Boost 15x110 Black/Rainbow 2017 Review

Fox Float 34 140mm

I recently acquired a new Fox Factory Float 34 140mm FIT4 Fork 27.5” Boost 15 x 110 with Kashima finish, which is quite a mouthful to remember! Fortunately, once your fork is installed and dialed-in, there’ nothing to recall, just enjoy its smooth, dampening ride. Fox states that the weight of this fork is 1783 grams or 3.92 pounds. Mine weighed in at 1660 grams or 3.66 pounds, which is light for this type/size fork.

Adjusting the fork was straightforward, following Fox’s detailed and clearly illustrated imagery. The blue-colored aluminum cap on the upper left-side of the suspension fork is for adding/subtracting air pressure in-order-to attain optimal sag relative to your specific weight. Sag is the distance your suspension system compresses when weighted; according to Fox, ideal sag is approximately 15-20% of the fork’s total distance of travel. I use a Syncros SP1.0 digital shock pump, which is highly accurate; especially when compared with the stock shock pump that’s provided with either Fox or Rock Shox forks. Both are inaccurate and worthless. I weigh 155 pounds and set my sag using 72 psi, which was a bit on the “plush” side in terms of riding comfort. However, as I am riding my new bike on rocky terrain with steep drops, that squishy feel is welcome.

Fox Shox 34 Float Fork

The fork’s rebound is adjusted by turning a red-colored aluminum knob on the right-underside fork arm. It’s rotated clockwise until it stops, then, according to the sag’s psi value, and using Fox’s table, you rotate the dial counter-clockwise a given number of “clicks”, which in my case, at 72 psi, was 7 clicks. The higher the number of clicks, the faster the rebound.

Compression dampening is easy and can be accomplished while you are riding. The outer blue-colored aluminum dial has 3 settings: open, medium, and firm. I use the open mode primarily for rocky terrain. I haven’t used the medium setting but I like the firm mode for climbing and riding smooth, relatively flat trails. In addition, the fork is equipped with a centrally located black-colored knob that allows for fine tuning the compression dampening. I set mine to 18 clicks, but haven’t played with it as far as fine tuning. 

Fox provides 3 green-colored air volume spacers to allow additional tuning of suspension travel. This model comes with 2 spacers installed and will handle up to 5 spacers. The factory-installed spacers may be removed, depending on your riding preferences. At this point, I won’t alter the spacers in my fork.

I was pleasantly surprised by the absence of lateral movement from my fork while riding. I’d test-driven suspension forks in the early 2000’s and the lateral slop was appreciable. This is not an issue with the Fox Factory fork. I’ve noticed that my fork lifts readily for popping wheelies and jumping obstacles. It outperforms another one of my bikes’ solid carbon forks (which is half the weight of the Fox) in terms of responsiveness to lifting/jumping/hopping. Nimble, quick, and light, this fork offers superb handling over any terrain. It responds quickly to small, successive bumps, and handles large drops in-series effortlessly.

Fox Float Fork

My partner owns a 2016 Rock Shox Pike that weighs 4.1 pounds, which is appreciably heavier than my Fox 34. While that fork performs well, all things considered equal, I’ll take the weight savings provided by the Fox. If your bike allows for a suspension fork with 120mm travel, the weight savings with a Fox would be even greater.

Fox rocks steep, sketchy terrain, providing a responsive and plush ride that absorbs trail shock while saving your body many aches and pains. Let WorldWide Cyclery provide your steed with Fox. They provide world-class service, astounding parts selection, expert help, great promotions, buyer rewards, and a fair return policy.

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August 23, 2017

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