Customer Review: Fox Float X2 vs. Fox Float X Shock

This review was written by one of our top customers, Daniel Dorr. Daniel is no stranger to making upgrades to his Yeti SB5.5 and he was excited to share with us his thoughts on upgrading from the Fox Float X that comes spec'd on the Yeti to the Fox Float X2. Let's read what he had to say!


The plethora of positive reviews about the FOX X2 caused me to wonder just how the shock would serve as an upgrade to the stock 140mm FOX X shock on my Yeti SB5.5c. Fortunately, the guys at WorldWide notified me the minute my 6.5”x1.5” sizing came back in stock and helped make it happen.

Customer Review: Fox Float X2 vs. Fox Float X Shock - Worldwide Cyclery
Initial Impressions and Tuning:

After following the FOX instructions and setting a 25-30% sag (along with the correlating # of clicks on each rebound setting), I immediately noticed the first obvious difference between this and my prior squish, the shock was ACTIVE. In the past, I would have maybe associated that movement with a shock being “inefficient” or “sluggish” so I had to get her to the trail to see if perception was reality. Below are a few insights, and my personal take on the shock, from what ensued.

Climbing Efficiency:

I like to climb—err, ok, I tolerate climbing more than most, so it was important to me that I discovered for myself that with the bigger air can, high oil flow and advanced tunability it wouldn’t mess up a good thing—especially with how active the shock immediately appeared. In fact, my first thought was that I didn’t have enough air, but I decided to trust the system and give it a go. I took my steed the popular Hawes trail here in AZ and went straight for “Cardiac hill.” I deliberately kept the 2-position lever in open mode at first and went at it. If I’m being honest, I noticed no noticeable loss of efficiency in open mode, which Strava confirmed, so I decided to move the lever over to firm mode. Once doing so, I may have been slightly quicker and efficient, I suspect, but I found myself thinking the opposite—it just felt fun, smooth and right in the open mode. In fact, as the number of rides have increased during the past several weeks, I’ve realized that I much prefer the open mode over firm mode in about every situation but very long (non-technical) climbs and the occasional pavement dash—or maybe when trying to PR at any cost. 

Don’t get me wrong, the lockout feature is a must for me, even if only for the reasons I just mentioned, and it works flawlessly and exactly how I like it; it is very firm when pounding but “gives” just a enough for my liking, without feeling incredibly harsh. On the pavement, I noticed I feel very efficient in firm mode, almost hardtail “ish,” when riding to a trailhead. Btw, the two-position lever is not an on and off “switch” it takes a little effort to glide it upwards or downwards, I suppose, but that has never bothered me; it’s easy to access and nicely placed.

Customer Review: Fox Float X2 vs. Fox Float X Shock - Worldwide Cyclery
Technical Rides and Descents:

If, for some peculiar reason, you are more interested in how the X2 performed in gnarly rock gardens, and raucous ledges and technical descents, I can help. Usery Pass is a black diamond trail, if only because it seems it’s littered with rugged and loose rocks and boulders. The shock really shined here. In fact, it kind of transformed the bike for me. Not only did I feel more confident taking the hits, but I found myself enjoying the ride much more and have been itching to get back. It was great. The FOX suggested air and rebound settings provided a very supple small bump feel which was beautifully orchestrated with big hit ability and plushness.

Customer Review: Fox Float X2 vs. Fox Float X Shock - Worldwide Cyclery

Final Thoughts:

After 1 month of riding the X2 I am very pleased. I wondered if it would be too much shock for me, a true trail rider with only the occasional interspersed enduro session. I’m glad I found out for myself and this was a great upgrade for me. Thanks Worldwide Cyclery for your recommendations and assistance in this purchase and a quick shout out to Richard at for the fine work on the custom graphics!

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February 22, 2017

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