Fox DPX2 Rear Shock (The Upgrade You Need): Customer Review

Since the Fox DPX2 was released in 2017, it has taken the all-mountain and enduro category by storm for full suspension mountain bikes. Just about every brand was making the switch since the Float X was discontinued and the DPX2 became the go-to rear shock for a lot of riders. In this review, Vincent Bel Matias runs us through his Fox DPX2 Rear Shock that he has mounted up on a Trek Fuel EX Frame. Check it out!

Fox DPX2 Rear Shock Review

I recently bought the new Fox DPX2 shock for my 2018 Trek fuel ex 7! It's not easy to find the specific shock size for the Trek Fuel EX ( 210mm x 52.5mm), but I found it on Worldwide Cyclery. After exchanging a couple of emails, (they have a great sense of humor, haha) I decided to buy it. The delivery service was really fast, and all the specific mounting hardware for Trek Fuel EX was included, just as they promised me. With the hardware included, using stock shock bolts, and if you have the appropriate tools, installation takes just 10 minutes.

The Fox DPX2 is much improved over the OEM Fox Float DPS Evo l; initial sensitivity is very high, finding great traction! I don't know how the Fox DPX2 Rear Shock would compare to the OEM Fox Reaktiv shock because I haven't tried one of those, but I think it will be difficult to find something better. We are talking about Fox's top of the line product!

Fox DPX2 Rear Shock Review
The adjustments recommended by Fox are a good base to start. I weigh 69 kg (73kg with all the equipment). To get 30% sag (15mm), 188psi works perfectly with the stock volume reducers. Small bumps disappear and big hits don't blow the O-ring off the end of the shock. Also less pedal strikes with mino link in the low position, (fork 140mm, 25% sag) compared to the old DPS shock.

I highly recommend this shock, a great product, and everything has gone perfect, so I also recommend Worldwide Cyclery! I will buy there again.

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June 25, 2018

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