Customer Review: Ergon GE1 Slim Grips

Finding the right grips for your preferences can be a hard thing. There are so many different styles and offerings out there. Ergon offers some of their models, including the GE1, in a standard and slim option. The Ergon GE1 slim grips may be the next grip on your bike so check it out.

Ergon GE1 Slime Grips
I bought these Ergon GE1 slim grips for three reasons:

1) I have small hands and like that minimalist feel on the handlebars.
2) I wanted to try a grip that has different dimensions to see if it’s more comfy and lastly...
3) Bling! (They are sexy)

I’m very particular about my bike set up, especially with the controls. A few things stand out with these grips that are a big bonus.

  • The incremental markings on the grips for rotation comfort and matching them left to right works perfectly.
  • The single bolt on the inside versus 2 bolts. (I’ve snapped the Renthal bolts tightening down) This bolt is beefier and the grip is the end cap, which makes zero chance of water entering your bars. 
  • The compound is tacky and the dual colors just look dialed.
  • The grips have “up” and “left or right” labeled on them so even a caveman can mount these!

Ergon GE1 Slime Grips

Although I only have a few rides on these, I can already appreciate them. The dimension differs in areas of the grip and my smaller hands appreciate the new feel. Rider feedback is minimal and on par with my Renthal Kevlar grips I’ve replaced them with.

These grips are tough. They are pricey but will easily out last a standard grip. I will note that they’re not "radically" different feeling, rather pleasantly. Don’t be afraid to try them, great value. Ride on.

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January 21, 2018

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